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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Overall Evaluation

I have gone through each part of the beta available and this is what I have come to realize so far. 1. It seems that there is a bit of unbalanced power between weapons within the game. Along with friends of mine, we came to the conclusion that primary weapons should not be as powerful or more powerful than specials or heavy, which seems to be the case with hand cannons. A suggested fix is decrease power of the weapon but increase the rate of fire. Shotguns as well seem to be a bit unbalanced on occasion for range and recoil. Damage seems to be static for the shotguns, within a couple meter or so it kills, then once outside that range the damage drops rather than being constant with the damage to range ratio. Along with these, it seems as though some Sniper Rifles are One-Hit kills without a headshot. I'm not sure if this was on purpose nor if a chest shot could be the reason and was added in for more realistic effects, however there have been many comments about some rifles killing in one shot without being a headshot. 2. Not sure if this was meant to be there or not but the overall defense of turrets is immense when it comes to attacking with specials. Even sniper rifles cannot headshot an enemy using a turret unless its basically point blank from behind. 3. Some friends have mentioned that the vehicles on the moon can be a bit overpowered, especially the tank. I personally do not believe so. However it seems a bit too easy to take the enemies vehicle which can leave teams at a huge disadvantage. Maybe this is why the turrets are so powerful with defense? But at the same time, a tank, or interceptor, can completely wipe a turret. So this is all up for debate by others, I ask for opinions. 4. I have seen this requested through feedback, forums, and from friends as well that the assassinations be implemented if there is an opportunity. I would like for this to be added as well as it would add even more interesting gameplay but at the same time, it can't be too easy otherwise the entire game itself will be assassinations, which is never fun. 5. The armor components are good, just a bit more customization is all I would ask for. More upgrades, a few different styles added, I have noticed that as a Warlock the armor color changes when changing the armor piece but the style itself doesn't seem to change by much. The same goes for the other classes my friends use. 6. I'm not sure if this is just because it's a beta but I feel it would be best to mention. The freedom of the environment itself in maps as well as larger PvP maps. By this I mean the PvP maps are very small when you consider the scale of the area we are in itself. But as stated I do see if it is only because the game is in the beta stage. As for freedom of the environment, I believe that we should be able to reach any part we wish to that is within the boundaries of the map itself, whether it be PvP or exploration. Not for an advantage but because it would add to the enjoyment of the game and the numerous chances it opens up. More tactical ways to play through the game, making strategies, etc. I would appreciate any other opinions on this as well. 7. The exploration and story together are wonderful. The only thing that caught my attention is the limit of both players per server/instance, and how many friends that can be brought in. The full six is fine to go at for any part of the game, but I believe six should be max for story and exploration, and possibly nine to ten for some PvP maps and/or gametypes. Opinions on this please. 8. The hunt for materials seems a bit too, off. I am just fine with the way it is now, however I suggest making some sort of way to have the materials a bit more noticeable. 9. Something else I've been meaning to bring attention to was the Bounty Hunter and additional capabilities. I believe the Bounty Hunter should list smaller scale Bounties as well, small things for story to get some materials or glimmer. And side quests or jobs even that can help gather materials and boost up some more glimmer, of course not to the point where you can get a ship after each mission. I would like to see how everyone will react to my suggestions and I would also like to have the opinions of others as well as anything that I may have missed or announce if it seems I have misjudged something within this feedback post. Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the Beta as well as the game itself when it comes out.

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