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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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General Feedback

[i]Okay so I guess I should preface this by saying that when I do a thread like this I try to focus on the topics I feel need the most attention. if you can't handle someone's opinion or personal experiences very well I'd like to politely recommend you cease any urges to comment. [/i] [u][b]Things I like[/b][/u] I'm going to try to keep this brief as I don't see much need to go into detail about the things that I enjoy. If I enjoy it then you most likely got it right. If you didn't get it right I obviously want to elaborate on what I feel went wrong. To start out I love the way Destiny is set up. The seamless single-player to multi-player feature is something I was looking forward to since it was advertised in Halo Reach. The story missions seem to be paced very well with the option to scale your difficulty based on you or other members of your fire-team. The "exploring missions" are especially enthralling because I can essentially do whatever I like with the tools you (as in bungie) gave to me in the first five missions. Public events are very exciting with a lot of heart pumping aesthetics to the start of each endeavor. The menus seem to be a double edged sword for me though. I like the uncluttered HuD but find it somewhat frustrating to find certain things especially the first time. I had no idea there was a "log-out" button until last night. This could be easily remedied by improving the menu's tabs to allow for a more noticeable array of distinctions. color code the different menus or scale them up a little so they are noticeable. Overall this is where Destiny succeeds. I love this about Destiny. [u][b]Things That Frustrate Me[/b][/u] [i]I want to preface this section with the following. I am only capable of commenting on my experiences and as such if the "beta build" is expected to change in certain areas I cannot and will not comment on these changes. Feel free to share any information you have though. [/i] Loot. Holy crap the loot could be really fun. Currently the loot seems to be suffering at the hands of the unfortunate disease that is known as "not-enough-info-itis". There is no seamless way to know what my class armor does at first glance. This seems to be a semi-important issue only because of the nature of the game. Likewise, the nature of the game promotes grinding in substitute for meaningful and emotional experiences. That "huzzah" moment will come from looking at a rare piece of equipment more often than coming from the moments when the plot arches or twists. With that in mind the rewards you get for most of your hardships aren't quite in sync. Take the Spider Tank as an example. I am spending a lot of time, energy and resources into killing this thing for a moderate chunk of XP. that's it. I have no more ammo and no drops but I sure did get a XP boost. What I am saying is that there is a imbalance here. you don't have to add a ton of loot for this boss for it to be fun, but do something to it so that I don't feel wasted when it's over. reduce it's overall health, let it drop ammo or any number of small tweaks that will slightly improve the fun of this daunting enemy. Other than this, I like how attributes and equipment go hand in hand along with the different modifiers you can get on similar gear. Really interesting for character building and progression. Skills. I don't like that builds don't seem to have any niche progression. For example, I tried to build a Titan without a pulse grenade and/or lift. I was actually more determined to build my character around strength alone at one point. The Iron Hammer Event. I certainly dislike how i can't even access the vendor when it ends. I can understand closing the MM options but I do not understand the vendor being unavailable. I don't like the kind of implication that has on my availability to play. Real quick since this is a hot topic. I think gear and levels should be reset on launch but characters, cosmetics, currency and reputation should and could remain. Moving on to PvP or the crucible. This is what gives me a bad taste with this game. Apparently I am not the only one but there is very little tactical advantage to doing anything aside from carrying one of three special weapons and or using your powers. The combat in multi-player seems more unbalanced than any other game bungie has made. It's sad since I had depended on their fun MM systems since H2. I hope things get balanced but as it is this beta is kinda leaving me sour in the multiplayer department. Just summing my experience up into the shortest possible statement I would say this. I am a Warlock, so I shoot purple death balls. I am a Titan and meant to resemble a walking tank, but can and will get 1 hit ko'd more often than any other class. I am a Hunter so I have the most "I Win" buttons of any character in the game. Even when compared to the spider tank's death cannon that shoots through walls. I guess that really sums up my experience. there is usually about 7-9 hunters on the map not using any skill whatsoever and then 1-3 players in the match that are playing one of the other two classes. It feels wrong and quite dumb. Then we have vehicles and silly map designs. Blind Watch is the worst map I have played in a multiplayer game since Narrows from H3. That map just encouraged brute force stupidity and explosive tactics to a point of near insanity. Overall I'd say this is a solid new game. it's fun in certain ways, I am just not sure if I would be willing to get it as I see it going stale quicker than I feel I could become satisfied with it if released in it's current condition. Anyway, i hope this has been informative for Bungie!. thanks for Reading, Hymn

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