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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Destiny Feedback & Expectations

I am in love with this game! What a great way to move on from Halo! The mechanics of this game run great and I enjoyed every feature. There are something's though that I wish were different and I am hoping for more. -Gun Design: One thing that is a bit disappointing is the lack of gun variety. Even the legendary weapons seem to be nothing more the recolorations of their base models. I would like to see, in the full game, guns that of the same tips that are actually built differently. -Gun Types: The range of gun types is well done and well thought out to allow each play a very unique play style. It would be nice, though, to have a few more types such as pistols (instead of just revolvers) and SMGs. More Social Zones: The City is a very neat and MMO-esque area. I enjoy going there even if I have nothing to do. But it is a tad bit lifeless and you can only climb that tree so many times before you get bored. It would be nice to see multiple social areas on other planets for higher level characters. I'm assuming this will happen anyways as the max level items you can buy in the city are 20 and I highly doubt that's the level cap (but if it is, that's pretty sad). -More than one area per planet: For the smaller planets like Mercury and the Moon, I don't expect there to be more than one area, but I would sure hope Jupiter has more area to roam in than Earth. Don't get me wrong, I think the size of the map on earth is quite large, but if that's the average size of each map and the there's only one map for each of the six accessible planets then I can't imagine the campaign will be very long. This would be a huge let down coming from bungie as the Halo campaigns are the best I've ever played. -Character Editing: It would be nice if there was somewhere to go that you could edit your character again. Obviously you souldbt be able to change their face, gender or race but to buy new haircuts, hair dyes and markings would be really cool. -Flying Vehicles: This would, in my opinion, complete the experience. Flying vehicles are my favorite thing to use in almost any game. What would really be neat would be the ability to physically control and fly your spaceship between the planets and locations with the the outer space are you're flying in being a large scale social zone where players can goof around in their ships. -More Gratifying Loot: For me, finding engram's is the most gratifying thing to loot. The hint of mystery and curiosity make the trip back to the city very suspenseful. Though whenever you find something that isn't an engram it tends to be Common grade and typically useless in comparison to the arsinal you have obtained. Enemies should drop items more commonly and be giver higher drop rates for uncommon items. Bosses and tough yellow-health enemies should always drop something with the chances of dropping rare or legendary items. Loot crates are made great and are fun to find, but it would be nice to find an uncommon item I'm them once in a while. Weapon/Armor Forge: With all these strange materials I've collected over the beta, I have to think they will be used to craft things. It would be cool to see armor and gunsmiths in town that you can bring materials to to make specific sets of armor and weapons.

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