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7/25/2014 7:05:52 AM

Things I want to see in Destiny! Please listen Bungie senpai ;_;

Let's play a game. I have a suggestion and maybe youll enlighten me with you humble opinion, special please? :D 1. Why not buff hand cannon and pulse rifle, while nerving the auto rifles online since maybe every weapon will be used the same amount and you get bang for you skill? 2. You said that one of the things you did well with the Halo PVP was that was very competitive. the key to competitive pvp is that it is skill based. Something is skill based if you character has a way of dealing with any scenario. One build better than the other. In Halo an assault rifle could win vs a sniper because a sniper has to zoom out when hit, put grenades in tanks, block swords and even if a rocked launcher was super OP you could control who had it, had to work to get it and it had a risk vs reward since it could kill yourself too. In Destiny we have nothing of that risk vs reward. Supers do not hurt the owner. You are not vulnerable while using your super. The golden gun has a super-fast wind up with 3 almost certain kill, while not having to aim properly at all, while a headshot only insta-kill would be strong but fair. A fist of havik is superfast, can catch people high in the air and is amazingly fast, while the titan has the option to be even stronger while in the windup. Please make it slower in PVP and the user more vulnerable so an incredible well aimed headshot would do the trick (risk vs reward). Warlock is the most balanced right now since it is to my experience dodgeble and has a nice build up. You also find as much enemies in one strike as the hunter can find with his shots, but making him vulnerable makes the gmae more skill based and less timer - free kill based and opens up for more game types , which was one of halo huge pros and was possible because there weren’t as much build in mechanics to heavely devine the gameplay and kept it very skill based and basic. 3. Will you make it able to boost your sparrow if deployed in the air for a miniature, mid-air, light speed boost? Cause it would be awesome while jumping of cliffs etc. 4. Will there be a penalty for dying. In free roam it feels like you have all these awesome tactics and ways of killing enemies, but you never really need them. You can just damage re-spawn and repeat. The best moments in gaming come from when your life is in danger and you use awesomeness to overcome that danger. A game that knows to grap this 100% of the time becomes legend. 5. Will there be many scenarios to deal with in campaign like you did so well in the halo series? In Destiny I felt like you guys were limiting yourself. I like to see a huge tower in striker or a industrial vertical room with a devil walking in close quarters. Some bridges with turrets on the sides to conquer, or 3 devil walkers in a 20% gravity area on the moon. What im saying is that many things get lost in the open world setting that was done amazingly in halo. Im sure youll find a way! 6. Make the Warlock trademark more awesome please? The Hunter seems to get all the swag. Maybe a shoulder cape for the hunter, a cape for the titan and full right arm armour or a belt with the titan stuff covering one leg over the coat? You can do many awesome things with that. Please listen to my suggestions! I love you and want to love the game you make even more!' Alot of <3 from a huge fan, Lucas Neering

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