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[b][i][u]Disclaimer[/u][/i][/b] The "Feedback" written here is purely based on hands-on experience. Furthermore what you find in here is strictly intended to better the product for the consumer. No disinformation, profanity, or harassment shall be used in the course of this post. Thank you [b][i][u]~The Last City~[/u][/i][/b] [spoiler]Well, let me begin at the most important part of the game. This hub centers around your social network as you scour your way to and from vendors of many sorts. Everything from ships to weapons. Armor to consumables. It's all here. Right? Wrong. Let me explain what concerns me. From my PoV I see no direct involvement with any Non-Npc. This area alone should be a trading market of the sorts within all members and the faction groups to obtain better sets of gear/weapons. Even engaging in light conversation means bringing up a direct link between players on their consoles. I think bungie should incorporate a feature that when you click on inspect player. You and that player can view each others gear. Even non- equipped items and have a trade option on screen. Only allow uncommon to rare items to be swapped out. Legendary must be obtained on their own time. Conversation is probably the most absent part from the tower. We learn nothing from our past to our present. The fact we are faced with vendor after vendor with only light dialogue between the npc's on their own terms is quite frankly boring and predictable. These Npc's each and everyone should offer some advice on whatever topics during or after our recent discoveries. Or by engaging within the story. I understand most of the story is laid out in traditional cut scene format. A comment made by your staff. Was the npc's are there to provide the needs to continue your destiny. The players are what we wanted to focus on. Okay, but there is no direct involvement with them or myself. Other than inspection. I personally think Bungie needs to adapt some clever ways of making the hub more feature accessible to player interests and not a shopping mall full of robots. That being said, I like the overall feeling of the tower with its peaceful atmosphere. It's just missing that feature where we can be social butterflies or just be there to grab that one dude's treasure for your one piece of trash. Lol.[/spoiler] [b][i][u]~Exploring The World~[/u][/i][/b] [spoiler]When I first came to... I said to myself o'look it's a male cortana. I'm sure alot of us where thinking the same thing. Or just perhaps me. Anyways, As i progressed through the beginning get away scene. I was given a pistol. Aww, Thanks. Let me say. Halo 1 was in the taste of my mouth all over again. Which is to say isn't a bad thing. Just a recycled good thing. The meshing of abilities and or other features tries to keep you from saying this ain't Halo. But I'm not a blind man. And from my experience I can feel the grunt bones beneath my feet. Now I'm not comparing the two. Im simply implying the feeling is the same. 5 days into the future. .. and a mini service interupption and I'm back. As I did my walkthroughs and freeroams I have alot to meditate on. Lets start with where im at character wise. Im maxed of course Max def of 160. Close to 700 grimoire score. I've put in considerable hours to give this game a proper review in terms of beta progress. I must say that I'm a little worried in terms of too much scripting and not enough randomization. Examples of these would include the enemy spawn locations, Public event open world areas, And dropship routes. The overall relentless wave after wave of spawning troops in the exact same location is a serious issue and I will tell you why. #1. Tedious Gameplay. #2. Exploiting hot zones for glimmer. Basically moving up and down between two different spawn locations to upgrade your weapons and glimmer. Not to mention buffing your cryptarch. My cryptarch is at level 10. So that should give you an example how fast I can exploit this leveling system. Eat a ether seed and grind. It's that easy. Why would I need to waste my time with the story or strike missions. Nor pvp. #3. Scripting of public events assigned to one specific location. This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. Example Bungie, When the full release is laid out upon the masses. Will cabal troops ever be seen on old russia? Or vice versa. In public events or in drop ships? Or is every enemy locked on a specific world? That and why not increase the amount of enemies being deployed from a cave or ship. There's not entirely enough troops to go around especially if your in own fireteam. As for enemy AI. Eh.. it's decent. Just not intimidating. Enough said there. I would like move along into the inner buildings and the loot crates. Simply put. Buildings empty. No lore. No collectables. No materials. Just empty shelves, hanging lights, and no diversity. No faction graffiti. Dead fallen. Dead humans. Maybe I saw a poster. Lol. I mean this makes these buildings just a traversing point from A to B with no story or loot on the way. ?? Your ghost should be able to scan key environments everywhere to unlock a piece of history on each planet. Putting together a version of the story in ghost's vision. Giving players that collectable feeling. even helping you sniff out raw materials. Like spinmetal or sapphire wire. These are key features to me that are missing or completely absent from the official release.[/spoiler] [b][i][u]~Modifications • Crafting~[/u][/i][/b] [spoiler]Ahh, usually the fun part in every game. But here it seems little distance and unimaginative. I have 4 pieces of legendary equipment. When I look upon these OP items and scroll down to view the craftable materials I just see a grinding method being applied. Grind out for 40 relic iron. And 25 sapphire wire and glimmer. My question is can it and does it stack and I think Hell Yea it should stack. This is where your replayability comes into effect. Everyone wants beast gear and you know what I do too. 10 stacks all im asking for. And with each upgrade increasing the amount of materials needed and introducing new ones into the mix. Same goes for weapons.. This is somewhat odd to me but what exactly im I crafting Bungie? In a statement you implied there is a crafting mechanic. What you mean what I just mentioned above. That my dear friends is not crafting. How about introducing a cool way to craft and use what we kill to make common to legendary equipment. Like adding in enemy asset pieces into a crafting table with the combination of bio materials of the sorts to make our own gear. And allow them to be stacked. This is just something I think probably 99% of the community would want. Just ask them.[/spoiler] [b][i][u]~Ship Upgrades~[/u][/i][/b] [spoiler]New ships or upgrading parts of our currently equipped ship?[/spoiler] [b][i][u]~Overall~[/u][/i][/b] [spoiler]This game has the potential. But I honestly believe a push back is needed and serious consideration to the threads I've seen and the one I'm posting needs to be looked into. To make this game the greatest start off to a franchise that will go into the grave for the most glorified gamers out there.[/spoiler] Thank you.

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