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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/25/2014 12:45:28 AM

Great Beta...Some suggestions from a player

First off...I'd like to apologize to Bungie for all the players who seem to have no idea what a Beta really is. There is no reason to complain about a level cap, lack of missions, "We didnt get all the pvp maps!" its a Beta! Now, rant outta the way, I'd like to thank everyone at Bungie for a great beta and for what is promising to be a fantastic final project. I have some suggestions for gameplay and style that, as a gamer, I believe will enhance the great game you guys have made. Before I get into it, I have the game for PS3 so my suggestions go for that platform. First off, the game needs some way to cycle through weapons in your inventory without going to the character screen every time. Certain situations call for certain weapons and for me to swap from my ranged sniper rifle (love those headshots!) to my up close and personal shotgun when I have an enemy (quite possibly another player in the crucible) by going to the character screen just takes way too much time. I have a suggestion for that. The D-Pad would work perfectly for, either, swapping between weapons or having a couple of load outs with equipment saved to them. Don't get me wrong, I love the emote system, but I think that the emotes could be accessed through a pop up menu when you lock using R3. Second suggestion would be some customization for scopes. I'm not talking range, I'm talking color (or shape if you are feeling saucy). Some of the crosshair colors are pretty hard to see on certain maps. And as I mentioned earlier, I do love my headshots. So some of the crosshair colors that you guys have built into the game match up perfectly with certain backgrounds on the maps making it really hard for me to figure out where my round is gonna end up. We all know how great it feels to hit some smug bastard right in the face from 400 yards, and to be cheated of that fantastic feeling because of a color issue feels wrong some how. Something that I'm almost sure you are working on, but I feel I have to mention is some bigger PvP maps. The few that I've played on are great, but, not to play the broken record, I need some open spaces to snipe my fellow players from afar. Also, think about levels on the smaller maps. Maybe build some up and lower level cave systems are a must! Before I get into my next one, I'd like to take some time to compliment you guys. You have made a beautiful gaming world with great backdrops and a fantastic storyline. You guys have always done a great job with movement and vehicle mechanics. Therefore, it is no surprise that you guys have done it again. Movement is fantastic (although playing warlock and double jumping with it was driving me crazy, but that's the point of classes and people i've talked to have loved it.) and the ease of driving vehicles is right on the money. However, I would love to see some multi-person vehicles out there. It may be something that you have planned, and, if so, fantastic. But sometimes its a little frustrating when I'm on a time crunch (cause I can't put the controller down) and I have to wait for someone who hasn't quite figured out the mechanics of driving the sparrow. I'd love to have them just jump in with me and not worry. Voice chat. Normally it is one of the biggest problems I have with console games. You guys have done a really good job with it. The only thing that I've noticed (and I'm assuming its something you guys are addressing) is that when you have someone join your team through the load screen for PvP and Strikes (STRIKES...what a great those!) they cannot hear you. For someone to hear you, you have to invite them to your team manually. World Events! Love them and love the idea that you have put in making them relevant to the area. I would like to seem them spawn more often. Not sure you guys have a though process to the spawn rate on them, and, if so, I'd love to hear it, but if not: WE WANT MOAR!!! Boss battles thus far are fantastic. They are not only a blast to go through, but they are a challenge which makes the game that much more interesting. The only thing that I think needs to be changed about them is drops. (Also something that you may have a plan for.) I would love to see more rare gear drop from killing a boss. There is something inside of every gamer that pulls them to desecrate the remains of a powerful foe, and there is nothing better than finding an item that will make the next foe feel that much more hurt. I'd like to think that I've found everything there is to find in the Beta, but you clever bastards have me discovering new things every time I log. I found 3 or 4 new ghosts yesterday and I had myself convinced that I had found them all. Keep doing what you are doing! Thanks for a great Beta. I doubt that I'm alone in saying that I'm looking forward to playing through the final product of your twisted, warped, fantastic genius. I'd love to Alpha or Beta for you guys whenever if you keep bringing us this kind of product. I'd also couldn't forgive myself if I didn't plug my Clan at the end here. Look up Guardian Assault Squadron (GAS) and join if you all feel the same way that I do about this game. Thank You Bungie for a great game! -Korr GAS Founder/Squad Chief We do not fight out of a need for glory or fame; we fight out of necessity for life, for all life.

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