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The Complaint End All

[i]Okay, the forums have been driving me crazy today so for my own sake I'm going to write down some tips for folks who are either bored, disappointed, or just confused on what to do within the beta. [/i] [b]EDIT 07/25/14: WOW GUYS. I'm flattered that so many of you all feel the same way that I do! It really gives me hope for the future of Destiny. What I would like to do is invite everyone to my new group that I made [url=]*here*[/url](partially due to response from this post!) where we can have discussions like this more often. I have lots of things planned for the group, so don't be afraid to join. Thanks again, Guardians. Seriously. :)[/b] Ahem. [b]DESTINY FORUMS 2014: THE COMPLAINT END ALL DISCUSSION[/b] [b][u][i]Welcome![/i][/u][/b] If you're reading this, you clicked on it in the forums. You're either bored, upset about a particular thing, confused, or just interested in the topic. Let me bring you up to speed on some beta details. The Destiny Beta has been open since Thursday, July 17 @ 1pm PDT and was briefly down on Monday, July 21st & partially Tuesday, July 22nd. During the progression of the beta, we have seen one event posted by Bungie: The Iron Banner. It was a one-night event that occurred on Saturday, July 19th @ 5pm PDT. It opened an eponymous game mode within the Crucible where damage and armor were taken into effect from items. It also opened an area in the Tower where you could talk to Lord Saladin and buy Legendary items related to the Iron Banner such as cloaks and emblems. Now, to address some common complaints: [b]PvE[/b] [quote]Can't beat [??] enemies[/quote] No, you cannot beat enemies with levels [??] above their heads. It signifies that they are very high level (at least 20) and the role they serve in the beta is twofold: they act as things to look forward to when the full game ships and also they tease the enemy scaling for enemy factions (sometimes it won't be a Hallowed Knight, it'll be a Blood Onyx Ogre, etc.). [quote]Limited area to explore[/quote] The beta includes some areas in the Old Russian Cosmodrome, many of which players have fully investigated. This leads to some players wondering whether there will be any other locations on Earth to explore. Some concept art of swampy areas with large skyscrapers has been around for a while, but let me be the first to hypothesize that we will not be getting areas besides the Old Russia area. This is largely due to the fact that there are MANY areas in Old Russia you cannot enter yet, for example: The door underneath the Hive tower in Skywatch, the bunker that has been thought to contain the warmind Rasputin, King's Watch in one of the buildings during the Sepiks Prime strike, beyond the Gateway at the beginning of the beta, the Dry Sea, the Grotto beyond Moth-Yard... there are MANY locations left to find, each with their own secrets and enemies. Of course, if more locations on Earth pop up, I will be gratefully AMAZED and SURPRISED, but I'm keeping my expectations low for now. And that's saying something, considering this wealth of locations we still haven't experienced. [quote]Rare/Legendary/Exotic drops & the level cap[/quote] This is by far the largest complaint, yet it is the easiest one to answer. Some items in the game are above the level cap, which is currently level 8. While the possibility of a level cap raise is always there, I sincerely doubt that Bungie will up the cap. That being said, these items serve as reasons to get excited about the game. They show a very clear progression of how items will be earned and used. Another thing to consider here is the lack of many details between level 10 and 20. I am under the impression that there will be a considerable midgame, or reason to be excited for this period. Not only are there very few items in that level range, but there are many things required of level 20 items that seem impossible to get before level 10. This is all speculation though, so don't quote me. Anyway, no, they will not raise the level cap. I will be surprised and excited if they do, but I am 99% sure they will not raise it. [i]I know there are other "issues" people have with the non-Crucible gameplay, but those seemed to be the most pressing. So I'm going to switch over to–[/i] [b]PVP[/b] [quote]Vehicles/Supers/Hunters/Titans/Warlocks/Everything is overpowered[/quote] Now, I'm under the impression that whoever posts this got absolutely obliterated by an Interceptor on First Light immediately before posting. Or hulk-smashed by a Titan one too many times. That being said though, there are very easy ways to avoid death and get more kills. This involves STRATEGY, something the community seems to be sorely lacking. Understandably, strategy is difficult when playing with randoms, however you can still be aware of how you are contributing to the team, regardless of whether you're in last place or backpacking the whole team. If you're doing really well, try to stick with a group or protect the players on your time. Or perform sweeps on the enemy so stragglers can easily be picked off by your team. If you're doing badly, STICK WITH A BUDDY OR TWO. Do not play like CoD or Halo, make sure you are utilizing the people around you as bullet sponges and extra firepower. [u]Simplified: If you're bad, play like a unit rather than an individual. If you're good, protect the unit and probe enemy team.[/u] [quote]Rewards from Crucible suck/are unhelpful[/quote] If you're playing the Crucible for item rewards, you're in for a bad time. Crucible is for Crucible marks and reputation, not for items. If you want to get legendary drops and rare items, explore on Earth. They are two completely different modes for a reason: you get different rewards from each one. The fact that you sometimes get rewards from Crucible is an extra bonus from the round. [i]So, PvE & PvP handled. There is something else that NEEDS to be said and it is this:[/i] [b]Xbox vs Playstation fans[/b] I don't care if you play Xbox or Playstation, you have GOT to stop hating the other side of the fence if you want this community to succeed. Both sides have legitimate issues that should be considered by Bungie, that does NOT mean you can make fun of that platform's shortcomings. Xbox is getting DLC a year after Playstation, which as a PS4 user, I think is entirely unfair. This is corporate nonsense getting mixed up in the fans of a game and it's all for the companies benefit, not ours. Playstation had a helluva time getting the actual beta to WORK because of Sony's servers being unprepared for just how many people were going to play. Both sides have had and are having plenty of issues, and we need to BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER if we really want this thing to work. I honestly and truly think that Destiny is the honest next-gen AAA title we've all been waiting for. We're on the forums together posting about all the cool stuff we found, all the cool places we explored, all the dumb problems we run into and all the hilarious secrets we unfold. Whether we like it or not, we're all in this together now. We're contributing to a great company and a great game, and we as a community can rise out of the sludge of internet forums and be better than previous communities. We right now have the capability to be a close-knit group of individuals whose rallying cry is that regardless of platform, age, race, gender, sexuality we are united. The complaints and whining do nothing but pit us against each other and cause arguments all for nothing. Sincere issues need to be delegated to the feedback section of the forums and all personal complaints should be heavily reviewed before posting. Do you really need to tell people you're bored of the beta already? Do you really need to complain about an obvious problem that is your own fault (looking at you, 4GB Xbox dude)? [b]We're all Guardians of the Traveler. And we can start acting like we are right now. Get mad at me if you want, like the post if you feel necessary. Regardless, I'll see you out on the field.[/b] [i]-nasterisk[/i] [b]PS QUICK EDIT[/b]: It seems as though the Iron Banner is returning tomorrow thru Saturday! [url=]Here's[/url] the link to the announcement page. [i]Note: It is confirmed in the article that this is indeed, NOT the surprise planned for Saturday, July 26th. So we get two bonuses! [/i]

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