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Best Glimmer farm technique?

So yea ive found this out the other day and pretty much got it all down. to find this location, when you start off on the free explore, just go left and keep going through all teh tunnels and such and youll eventually make it to Skywatch. enjoy the grind my friends.

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    Found a better way. Its in the starter area for the Cosmodrome. Basically, there are always two chests at the same time. There are the lock boxes outside and in buildings, they are small, and silver. And there are loot chests, more cylindrical, silver black and gold, which spawn in caves. All the location my friends and I have found they spawn will be listed. My friends and I also have simple callouts for the locations when we are searching together. Outside/Building Lock Boxes: 1.On top of the small building. If you walk straight along the edge of the map when you spawn, you will find it. It is the building that has the cave with level twenty knights below it. Callout: Knight Building 2.Large Building: The box spawns in two places here, either on top, or, if you are facing the open side of the building, on the left side just around the corner, if you look up, you will see it in the walls where the paneling is falling. Callout: Big Building 3.Small Building: This building is right next to the large one, it spawns the box inside on top of what I recall might be a locker, or on top of the building itself. Callout: Small Building 4.Wall: If you look to the right side of the map when you spawn, there is a wall that follows the right side. There are large pillars that protrude from the wall, thes have smaller pillars next to them. The box spawns on top of one of the small pillars closer to the left-most side of the wall. Callout: Wall 5.Stairs: to the right of the map, there is a building that goes to another area. To get inside you have to climb some old stairs. The box spawns under the stairs. Callout: Stairs Chests/Caves: 1. There is a cave to the right if you go just a few meters on the left-most path from spawn. Callout: 1st Cave 2. If you continue to follow that path, there is a cave in front of you where there is a small hill blocking your way. Callout: 2nd Cave 3. If you are looking at the large buildings open side, follow the left side of the building, and to your left will be a small hill. Behind it is a cave where the chest will spawn. Callout: New Cave (this is because we didn't knw the cave at first, so you can call it 3rd Cave). These are all the locations in the first area, this is easy and quick to do because the enemies are low level, and you are going to be moving enough so you won't have to worry. You will need double jump/glide/lift to get on the large building. There will always be a lock box and chest spawned at the same time. Comment if you have any questions. Gt: Straight Psyche (360)

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