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I envy all of the Xbox players...

As a playstation user, I already played the beta and alpha. I'll tell you, destiny is like heroin. If you've played it, you can't not want to play it. Games like watch dogs have no meaning anymore. I tried to play CoD or Battlefield, but playing them to try to curb the destiny withdrawals is like huffing glue when you need some sweet sweet crack. So don't be jealous of us, xbox players. We should envy you. You Don't know what yesterday and today feels like. Video games have lost meaning. I urge you to enjoy today. As it's most likely your last day of being sober from destiny before you too with be addicted as we are. Edit: Now that all of you xbox players have played as well, I'm sure you understand completely what I meant.

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    Considering most Xbox users have been playing Bungie games for a decade, some for even longer. That feeling you have is nothing new. It happened to me, after Halo2 came to the end of its life span. I felt numb, that no game would ever be able to catch my attention again, but sorely enough I gathered my wits and once again found gaming enjoyable again. You need to moderate, otherwise you will turn into a jumble speaking, feeble shooting fan boy of Bungie. All your real friends will disown you and the only light that you will ever see will be from the stairwell when you emerge from your pit and head to the bathroom relieving yourself from a much needed break. That's not the worst of it. Your dreams will empower you. Your rested escape will be clutched away by the power of evil. You may even wake up to cold sweats, with the last thing on your mind; Deej, standing above you, holding onto the might of the ban hammer, threatening to smash your console into mere pieces of plastic, scattering it far and wide over the relics of the last city on earth. Now go be a man and not a mouse, before you hit that point of no return my feeble friend. The next time we hear you whimper it better be on the battle field and not in the arms of a loved one whom is forced to hold your hand. ;)

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