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OK, I'm assuming many of you have seen these two posts: the person who wants to play Destiny with others within the LGBT/Furry community, and the person who wants to play with Christians. Now let me say first this is not going to devolve into a theological or argument about morals. When the guy(or girl) who made his post about playing with other Christians, his thread was torn apart. He, his beliefs, and anyone who sided with him were discriminated and made fun of. He was told countless times that he was wrong and stupid for believing what he did. Now today there was another post made by a guy(or girl) wishing to play with with those in the LGBT and "furry" communities. This thread, thankfully, was met with nothing but kind words and willingness to play, even by those who were not LGBT. Why is there a difference between the responses to the Christian post and the LGBT/furry post? Neither was condemning those who didn't think like them, simply asking to play with like-minded people of similar backgrounds, yet one was discriminated and made fun of. Why is this OK? We supposedly live in this generation of tolerance, where everyone's beliefs and lifestyles are to be accepted, so why the intolerance? Everybody should remember the Golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. Ok guys, it's getting a little out of hand. This is not a topic about religion, it is about respecting each other. Remember, just be nice to people. It doesn't cost anything. You're not required to agree with them, but do not belittle or discriminate against them for thinking differently than you do.

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  • ...because despite the fact that these "neo atheists" claim to despise evangelists... they just can't stop themselves from evangelising. Despite the fact they claim to reject religion- they're not intelligent enough to recognize the fact that they are indeed following a religion recognized by dozens of nations, the EU, the UN , NATO and was in fact THE STATE RELIGION OF THE FORMER SOVIET UNION. what it comes down to is this- they've been heavily propagandised into believing "you're only smart if you believe what we tell you to" (which is never smart)... and when people reject the beliefs they hang their self worth on- they react as irrationally as the beliefs their self worth is built on. Atheism... is JUST another religion, the religion of state over man.

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