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Opinions on Hand Cannon

Hey there everyone, this is my first post and first off I just wanted to say it's nice to meet you all! I hope you have all bee enjoying the game as much as I am and I really hope I run into all of you out there in the wild! (b'v')b But onto the main reason of this post, I'd like to know what all of your opinions are on my personal favorite weapon, the Hand Cannon. I'm sure many posts like this have already been made but I would really love to talk to you all about this subject. Me and my roommate were in the alpha together, and we both agreed that while the hand cannon had its flaws (which I will go into detail about in a second) it still had many a redeeming quality, being versatile in PvE and PvP. Now in the beta though, it seems the Hand Cannon has been put to the side by many players, and truthfully I can understand why. To be a fan of something, at times you must also be a critic. To me, the Hand Cannon as of right now, is a wonderful, fun, and strong weapon in the PvE area. Impact plays a big part here in the wild, and most common enemies will go down in one or two head shots. However, there are many times, especially fighting bosses, where six bullets do not just cut it, and with the hefty reload speed time, the payoff doesn't quite match the reward. This can be countered by having gloves that increase reload speed and playing a Hunter with the Chain of Woe skill, but not everyone is lucky enough to come across said gloves and not everyone wishes to play a Hunter or even use a Hand Cannon as one. In comparison to say the scout rifle, the damage seems quite tame too. I remember in the Alpha you could pop off baddies left and right with a Hand Cannon, but in the Beta, it seems that the Scout Rifle does all around better, only lacking in impact effect. I'm not saying the Hand Cannon is a bad weapon at all, like I mentioned, it's my personal fave, but I can easily see how it is outclassed in many situations, especially when fire rate, stability, and overall ammo count come into play. Speaking of which, maybe it's only noticeable because we all have a cap in the Beta, but you really should be able to carry more ammo for the Hand Cannon, especially when I'm dealing the same damage with a Scout Rifle, and that easily carries twice as much ammunition. I'm not saying the Scout Rifle is better, personally I think the Ganon does a damn fine job compared to any Scout Rifle, but these two guns are the most easy to compare in a PvE sense. PvP wise, well, in the Alpha, there was no doubt that the Hand Cannon, could, for better lack of terms, wreck face. In the Beta, it still has a presence, but it just falls flat when compared to a Scout Rifle in long range and a Auto Rifle in close to mid range. The reload speed, while manageable, hurts more in PvP then ever in PvE, and compared to the Auto Rifle, which can tear up a room in 3 seconds flat, the Hand Cannon struggles to take down two at most. Skill does play a big part, there is no doubt about that, but I have seen player rack kills like no tomorrow with an auto rifle, just because its versatility, range, fire rate, ammo count, and reload speed, dominate the mid to close range scene, while a scout rifle has a lot less risk then the Hand Cannon in the long range scene, while still giving the same benefits, better stability, reload speed, and ammo count. The only Hand Cannon that can truly hold its own in PvP at this point is the Ganon, and I do hope all of you get a chance to use said gun at some point in your time in the Beta. So, after all that blabbering, I want to know ,what do you guys think of Hand Cannons and where they fit in the PvE and PvP scene. Personally, I think they would truly amazing guns with three differences. 1. Faster reload speed, does not need to be on par with rifles, but could definitely use a boost. 2. More ammo, not a bigger magazine, although that would be nice, but we should be able to carry at least 100-120 rounds. 3. A slight damage boost, not a giant one, but enough of one to make the Hand Cannon a good competitor compared to the likes of the Scout Rifle and Auto rifle in the PvP scene. I mean after all, it is a cannon that you wield in your hand, it needs to start feeling and acting more like one. Thank you guys for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing back from you. (b'v')b P.S. Also, is it just me, or do Hand Cannons seem not to be the best at taking down enemy shields in the crucible? (Update: Sorry for the wall of text guys, I just fixed it so that the PvE and the PvP section would be not clumped together.)

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