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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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Why I HATE this game. And why YOU should too! ;)

I hate this game. Want to know why? Because it's consuming my bloody life right now and it's only a damn beta! I've played about 23h so far (most of Friday, about 13hrs sat but only a little on Sunday) and all I can think of is: I HAVE to be better than my friends! I'm a complete addict and I love/hate it! Oh sweet Destiny! Why do you torment me so? Why do you entice me back with regular stock refreshes? Why do you tease me and make me play just 'one-more-mission' to try and find an item thats a mere 1 point better than my peers? I spent so long on Saturday just to make Vanguard Rank 1 (did bounties but then the stock didn't refresh til Sunday!). And you know what? I got NOTHING from it part from the utmost satisfaction that my mates would be nowhere near L1 when they fired up their PS4s. That number '1' appearing for the first time was as sweet as balls. So, I suck at PVP but take great solace in being dominating in missions and trying to max my L8 Warlock out compared to those on my friends list. I want rare items. I want a better ship. I want a better armband. I want. I want. I WANT!!! Damn I love this game! NO I DON'T - you foul temptress!!! I'm typing this when I should be working, you dirty ho! You even made my girlfriend jealous cuz I'd spent most of the weekend with you, fiddling with my tiny joystick! You lie to me and tell me 'it's just an FPS' then seduce me with all this MMORPG sauciness!! ....then you bugger off for 2 days! tart! ......what the feck am I going to be like come release!? :::::BETA RESTARTS:::: It's seems you have returned to me, oh dark seductress! You left me cold and confused with little hope of rescue from the dark mournful pit of emptiness in which you cast me! Destiny! You vile harlot! I KNOW you knew I was waiting! I KNOW you were teasing me: "Your place in the queue: 32119" ... FFS! I hate sloppy seconds, let alone sloppy 32119ths! But I forgive you - I awoke to you once again and you embraced me and whispered sweet nothings, like, "The shipwright's stock has been replenished, oh darling!" and "You're friends have gone to work and don't know the BETA's up and running again – take me Krak Fox TAKE ME NOW!!" Quick! I must have you before my friends devour your delicious offerings!! I must, must, MUST be inside you for more hours than L4nDer900, or Bignickuk!! I must taste the juicy titbits you throw at me – even if it IS another fecking Scalpel Wing!!! But alas! I must be gone to the real world and my place of work (My Ghost Edition pre-order aint gonna pay for itself ya know?). Oh and I really should call my girlfriend and tell her to sort out something to do until Sunday... So, fare thee well Destiny my sweet – and Godspeed to all who sail in you! ::::BETA ENDS:::: DEATH!! DEATH BE UPON ME!! This is how hell will feel when I finally descend: Bland emptiness and fear engulfs me!! Oh WHY??!! WHY BUNGIE!! You're a dirty slapper, Destiny - showing me your pearly moon, but oh so fleetingly! I entered the dark cavern of your moon and explored deep. I went in hard and shot my Jester SA/3 Rocket Launcher load all over your innards!! It was so so brief, yet so rewarding!... at least for me anyway, feck cares if [i]you[/i] enjoyed it! But alas, you are no more. But you WILL be reborn - you will return to me better and with more features and even MORE POWERFUL THAN BEFOOOOOOORE!! Kinda like a girlfriend who goes to Poland for a cheap tit-job!]t, talking of girlfriends...i used to have one somewhere... Destiny Beta is now more, but WE live on: we will be in preparation for the long fight! til we meet again Guardians!! ::::::MORE RAMBLINGS:::::: Bungie, you filthy pimps! How dare you demand I SHARE my dear Destiny with 5 others just to get though a raid?! Destiny is mine I tell you! MINE! the only thing I want to raid is her panties!! ....ya know what? I've gone too far now. That last comment was a little too F'd up, even for me! BUUUUT on a more serious note - I've never been so excited about a game - and I'm 35 and been playing em since they came on cassette tape! Sooo, with all these new vids on IGN showing level 29 titans and all their toys, I've got a serious boner for Destiny. Anyone else got 'Destiny dick'? You know what? Forget I asked.....

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