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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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TOP 10 THINGS - Bungie MUST FIX in Destiny!

[b]TOP 10 THINGS Bungie MUST FIX in Destiny![/b] [I]Hope DeeJ or one of the other Bungie crew actually read this![/I] 1. [b] Waypoints[/b] - When pressing the point button you should be able to set a waypoint that everyone can see, and have it appear on HUD with a range (in meters). These waypoints should also change depending on the object. Waypointing a Fallen, HIve, etc should give a red "ENEMY" waypoint, green "LOOT" for item drops, yellow "CHEST" for chests, purple "VEHICLE" for pikes, interceptors, etc, blue "GHOST" for dead ghosts, and white or grey "WAYPOINT" for everything else such as the ground, a roof, walls, etc. All waypoints should be removable by clicking the waypoint button a second time and not disappear automatically unless 5 minutes pass without response. These may also be useful in PvP with a much quicker half life of around 5 seconds, allowing teams to "tag" important things like enemy snipers, ammo, hiding spots, etc. 2. [b]Increase Freeroam cap to 6 players[/b] - After running with a 6 man team in Crucible, sometimes we need a break and want to head to freeroam to run around and chill out. Or maybe one of us found a cool thing and wants to share. Or maybe we all want to partake on a full scale dead ghost/treasure hunt. It sucks to boot 3 of our friends out especially when we have 5 players and 20 mintutes to kill waiting for our 6th man to join us for an event like Iron Banner. 3. [b]Enable Single Player[/b] - Many times I was paired with noobs or kids that rushed ahead and ignored chests/loot when going into strikes. Or even worse the kids that were idle or hid from battle, just there to steal exp and rewards. Enable the option to run strikes and set them to solo, invite only, friends only, and public. 4. [b]Enable RANKED and SOCIAL modes, or Disable team splitting[/b] - Tired of having my 6 man fireteam split up and forced to fight each other. More often than not when this happens kids sabotage their team to help their friends. At least stop this in Ranked matches. Id prefer not to see it at all, ever. 5. [b]Shared LOOT drops[/b] - when an engram, weapon, or consumable drops it should be universal, AT THE VERY LEAST to your fireteam. It should not disappear after pickup, but rather turn translucent so that players can set waypoints on the loot for their friends. 6. [b]Loot Chest Rework[/b] - These chests have set respawn locations which is nice, except when they spawn in unreachable places. They should be openable from any angle just by approach rather than the very Zelda-like walk up to the front and manually open. They need longer half lives as they disappear way too fast, so they can be shared with teammates. They need better gear most importantly, scaled to the players currently equipped gear and level. Gear that has stat effects should be all that chests give such as an uncommon rifle with a fast reload perk. And increase the amount of glimmer, even if its random. For example one chest gives 130 while another gives 870. 7. [b]Realtime In-game mini-maps and large maps[/b] - Allow pressing a button or two simultaneously to activate maps with realtime data such as player location, vehicles, objectives, waypoints, etc. Many Guardians get lost in Destiny. This need not be the case. Also infinitely more important than a button to "wave hi". 8. [b]Player Names on/under Ships in Load Screens[/b] - Bungie... why would we buy ship skins if nobody knows that's our ship? Come on now. 9. [b]Spawn Next To Team after Join In Progress[/b] - The worst part of freeroam or accepting an invite to a mission is spawning at the first part of the map and having to travel manually while fighting annoying enemies solo until you reach your team by then they either failed or completed the objective. Please fix this to at least spawn in the same general area or at one of several visible LZs (landing zones). 10. [b]Inventory Rework[/b] - first allow players to view all items and gear in a players inventory (not bank, keep that private). If my friend has 4 exotic rifles a legendary shotgun and fusion rifle, 25000 glimmer and 200 ether seeds Id like to see please. Second keep item levels always visible. I hate how it disappears how can I know what to store for my other guardians? My level 8 hunter views a level 6 gun the same as a level 8 yet my level 1 Titan sees their true level. Also this helps when comparing gear with other players. Third show how much glimmer the gear is worth and what youll receive by breaking it down BEFORE you break it down and are sorely disappointed. Also give a warning prompt when trying to dismantle Exotics or Legendries to prevent accidents. Lastly- show a number indicating if you already own the gear and how many. Bungie you made a good game. [b]With these tips it will be a GREAT game.[/b] Together we will reclaim Destiny and become Legend. [i]True_Reclaimer[/i] [url=]Reclaim Destiny[/url] [u]Rise. Raid. Reclaim.[/u]

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