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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
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So overall the game is extraordinary. But there are a few little tweaks that I noticed should be done for the full release (assuming they haven't been fixed already). So first of all, there's a few exploits I'd like to point out about the cryptarch and encrypted items. Let's say if I were to pick up an encrypted engram at level 2, and were to decrypt it right away, I would get a similar level item for my class. However, if I held onto that engram until I was level 8, all of a sudden I decrypt it and I have a level 8 or above item. I believe the engram should give you an item based on the level you were when you picked it up, and not based on the level you are when you decrypt it. Otherwise, you'll see people holding on to encrypted items all game until they decrypt 50 engrams at level 20 to get good items, using this as an exploit. Secondly, when you pick up an encrypted armor piece for your class (ex warlock), before decrypting it you can vault it and pick it up with a different class (ex Titan) and decrypt it, it is now an item for the Titan class and not warlock. Not sure if that is meant to be this way or not, but I thought I'd point it out just the same. Lastly, this is just an opinion of mine and almost every other player I've talked to on the beta: We believe that the beta progress should absolutely be transferred over to the full game. I don't really care if we lose our level, but at least let us keep some loot, SOMETHING. At this point, so many people are playing the beta that there would not be an "unfair advantage" but more so it would be unfair to the huge majority of players who actually did pre-order and play the beta. It sometimes took hours to get good gear and items and crucible ranks, not to mention legendaries from the iron banner. Why give us legendaries that we can't use if the progress won't transfer? This is just an opinion so please enough with the disrespectful "it's just a beta what do you expect" comments. And to clear this up, my opinion on the game won't change regardless of whether or not progress transfers, but personally I would prefer it to. Hope you read this Bungie! But seriously, goddamn great game!! EDIT: I'm learning through the comments that the engrams rarity depends on your cryptarch level. Therefore making it less of an exploit. If you held onto those items until level 20 before you decrypted them, you would get less rare items because your cryptarch level is low.

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