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Discuss what we all have in common.

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How not to BLAM!post: The PSA

(.gif irrelevant) The quality of the forum lies within your hands. For every thread that arises above the misty dales to Seventh Column glory, there stands a number of less-than-ideal topics. These are known collectively as [i]BLAM!posts[/i]. Do not propagate this tragedy. Utilize your mind. Become Legend. [i]DO NOT:[/i] -Complain about Destiny's proposed systems without providing supporting facts and phrasing your criticism in a positive and thoughtful manner. -Post petitions for drastic changes to Destiny's core features. -Incite needless console drama. -Complain how corrupt and melodramatic the forums of have become. You are yourself contributing to that which you hate. -Post Class or Race polls. It's been done. A lot. We don't care anymore. -Wake the Flood unless you are prepared. Seriously. They're great people, but know what the BLAM! you're getting yourself into. [i]DO[/i] -Post Destiny-related OC in #Community or the Art&Stuff group. -Ask questions about Destiny's emergent systems and provide answers or theories. -Provide Spoiler-secure discussions about Lore and Lore Theories. -Look for like-minded gamers and plan active play dates as well as keeping abreast of community hosted events such as Community Carnage or For Carnage Apply Within. -Be a classy and witty Troll. See the #Flood for more. -Find a clan that fits your console and playstyle. -Share your awesome gaming experience in #gaming. -Be awesome. Become Legend.

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