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7/20/2014 7:40:08 PM

When Bungie said the Gallahad was getting "Gallasad", I wasn't expecting it to change its name to Shingen-C

If you played the Destiny alpha, you (hopefully) know how insane and ridiculous the Gallahad auto rifle was. So feel free to skip this paragraph if you already know the story of this legend of the crucible. Incredibly stable, fast firing, and a 44 shot magazine made this gun an absolute monster in the crucible. The damage stat is almost negligible because of how many bullets would land right on your reticle at cross moon distances at such a blistering speed. Anyone with a good enough aim could easily win 3 versus 1 engagements (provided they got the jump) with the huge magazine (which felt even larger since it needed less bullets to kill someone than most other guns) and it was even an ok option against pikes if you were stranded in the moon dust. A lot of people, myself included, felt the Gallahad was warping, and that if you were not using the Gallahad as your primary you were doing something wrong. I'm avoiding the word overpowered because its overused to the point of meaning nothing these days and reducing its magazine to a very low amount might be enough to make it totally fine. A few days/weeks ago in a mailbag someone asked if the Gallahad was making its triumphant return to the alpha, to which the response was that it would but it certainly would be a bit more "Gallasad". Which to mean certainly sounds like the confirmation of a weakening/nerf of the weapon. Well the certainly nerfed the Gallahad all right, it has completely different stats and isn't even the same gun model!! But this destroyer of guardians is still around, its just changed its name to Shingen-C. The Shingen-C has (exactly or almost) the same stats and model as the Gallahad from the alpha, mine even has the same scope! It feels exactly the same so now I'm left here pondering what exactly is the story behind this. Bungie stating the Gallahad would be sadder gave me, and I'm sure everyone else, the impression that this gun would not be returning as-is into the beta. Was this just miscommunication on bungie's part? Is the Shingen in a different/rarer loot tier so its "allowed" to be as strong as it is? I just think this is a bit strange is all... Don't get me wrong, I am in no way complaining about this gun. Its a beta, the whole point is to weed out things like this, and perhaps there wasn't enough time between alpha and beta to make the change other than moving it around. In all honesty while it is really strong its fine in the beta, handcannons and scout rifles feel a bit stronger as a whole to me and that alone is probably enough to balance everything out more-or-less (sorry pulse rifles, you had your time to shine with the BR) I really don't want this to devolve into an OP nerf debate, I'm certain almost no one on here is very credible or understanding of all the work behind making every gun work in strikes/crucible (once again myself included) and Bungie is probably very aware since they did change the name at the very least. I'm loving every aspect of this beta very much and so far have no negative remarks other then the cube at point B Venus should be a little larger. That being said, what do all of you think about this whole strange story of the Gallahad/Shingen??

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