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7/20/2014 12:48:15 AM

PVE is currently lacking and I have some ideas that could make it better

Keep in mind this is all my opinion.As of right now the open world pve in this game is really weak. And what i mean is that there isn't much to do and the stuff that you can do is pretty meh at best. Right now you have beacon quests whose purpose is to give u something to do as you explore but most of them are fetch quests. U also have random events that occur but they don't really happen quite often. While this stuff is really good especially on consoles but you guys(bungie) can do alot more than what we've seen and the game has set up a really good foundation to you can simply improve on what already exists. with that said here are some ideas that might make the pve environment a little more fun(and alive). 1. Beacon quests: there isn't alot to say about these quests. Their purpose is more or less to push players to explore the area and keep them busy doing stuff. However that doesn't mean that this quests have to be all be fetch quests or scouting quests(they all arent btw just 99% of them are). There are some of things that can be done to break up the monotony of beacon quests and i got a few ideas: - hunts : I remember back when i played the alpha that I got a random beacon quest to kill a fallen warlord(huge boss although it was easy to kill) and it was probably one of the most memorable experiences i had in the alpha and it would be really cool to see alot more of this since it already exists. -rescue missions: lets say you open up a beacon where it asks you to go rescue a pilot(or whatever) that has been captured in an enemy camp. Not only this is more engaging that kill x amount of y but also can be made more difficult than what we've been experiencing(which would be great). I could go on about endless varations of random quests but you guys get the idea. Just a little more variety would be nice. 2. Random events: Random events are awesome, no(modern)open world game should exist without random events. they make the world really feel alive and immersive. Bungie has done a really good job at making them(like random devil walker random event) but as of right now their pretty static and they also dont happen as often I would like. -So my number one would advice would be to make these events happen alot more than they do do now. I put in like 3 hours today on explore mode and I only came across 2 random events. They just dont simply happen enough and its a shame. -- chain events: i think chain events would be really awesome and would make the pve a whole lot of fun. Picture this: so a random event pops up where a ship filled with researchers crash lands and you have to protect them from a swarm of fallen who is currently attacking them. Once u finish that event another pops up where it asks you to escort the surviving researchers to finish their mission which is to inspect an artificat located within a hive ship some odd distance away. In doing so players spend the entire event following said reasercher(s) to the site fighting off any baddies along the way. Once u get to the site u complete the event and another one pops asking u to protect the reasearcher from all the Hive zombies as he takes a better look at the artifact. Once that is done another event occurs in which the researcher(s) gets infected with artifact(WHO KNEW) and turns into a hive ogre boss(es) which the players have to kill. wouldn't that be cool? 3.Exploration missions/bounties/rewards: For the players who love to explore the maps it would be really cool to give out quests/rewards for doing so. Lets say there are a number of beacons scattered across the entire map and if a player finds all them he gets a reward of some sort(weapons, armor, skins, coins, whatever). So these are some ideas that i think would make the exploration mode more of fun immersive. As it stands right now there isn't alot of stuff to do and the stuff that you can do either doesn't happen enough(random events) or pretty boring(kill x guys). I also know that this is just the beta so these things that i mentioned might actually exist in the game(like kill x boss beacon mission). I really love this game and I hope this stuff does exist and if not hopefully Destiny 2 would impliment this stuff.

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