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HOW TO: Farm for Glimmer

Now, before we get into the discussion whether or no this is a serious exploit in game, let me explain how it is done. I have not had time to try this in all area of Old Russia so we will be looking at just "The Divide". I will be referring to 3 different loot crate rotations in just the Divide. I am naming this rotations Alpha, Beta, and Charlie. (mainly because it's cooler than one, two, three) A loot crate will respawn after pick up every 90 seconds or so in one of the loot crate's spawn points. Each loot crate yield about 150 Glimmer per pick up. Here are the different rotations and their spawn points: (NOTE: I did not include all of beta or charlie's spawn points. If you want to get the maximum glimmer possible with this system you need to put in some effort your self and figure it out!) [b][u]Rotation Alpha[/b][/u] [quote][url=]Point One[/url] [url=]Point Two[/url] [url=]Point Three[/url][/quote] Alpha's loot crates will respawn ONLY in thos three rooms. Though, the location in the room will vary. [b][u]Rotation Bravo[/b][/u] [quote][url=]Point 1[/url][/quote] Yep, that's the only one for Bravo I'm going to show you. [b][u]Rotation Charlie[/b][/u] [quote][url=]Point 1[/url] [url=]Point 2[/url] [url=]Point 3[/url] [url=]Point 4[/url][/quote] There are not all of the points for Charlie either, I honestly would say Charlie is the hardest to figure out. [b][u]HOW TO FARM USING THIS KNOWLEDGE[/b][/u] Personally, I would say the easiest way to do this is start a timer as soon as you pick up a chest from Alpha. Then search the spawn locations of Bravo and Charlie until the timer hits the 90 second mark. as soon as it hits 90 seconds quickly check the three alpha spawns and grab the crate. Keep repeating until you are satisfied with the amount of glimmer you have. [b][u]How much Glimmer we talking[/b][/u] Well a rough Mathematical estimation could show you about how much glimmer you could gain per hour using this system. 1 Rotations = 4,500/hour 2 Rotations =9,000/hour 3 Rotations = 13,500/hour I did this by multiplying 150, 300, and 450 by 2 (for 2 minutes) So now you guys know how to farm the loot crate in Destiny. So now, is this exploit a major issue? Minor issue? Or should it be left alone? Also, If anyone wants to research other parts of old russia and figure out the rotations I could add them to the OP. But I currently do not have enough time to go through each area figuring out the loot crate rotations. [quote]DISCLAIMER: Everything in this thread is speculation from what I have seen in the Beta. This is how I have been getting a TON of glimmer. From what I cant tell this is how the loot crate system in Destiny works, though, I may be wrong.[/quote] [B][u]EDIT: THING TO KNOW![/b][/u] [Quote]1.There is no specific way the loot crates rotate. 2. They may respawn in the same "area" but not quite the same spot, technically a different spawn location.[/quote]

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