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Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2.
7/19/2014 3:21:45 AM

Impressions from the Beta

After working nearly every class to 8 and spending multiple hours in each game mode, here are my impressions, starting with character creation and going into each class, abilities and powers I've used, then onto multiplayer. Character creation: Flow is good, easy to understand. Would prefer more hair choices for human and awoken males - my notes actually say, "Reminds me of That 70's Show". Ability to rotate head and/or zoom out to see body for each gender would be nice bloat features. Story Missions: Story missions seem to have simple format: go here, kill enemy. Final missions are always survival format against waves. Like the addition of 'bosses' and would like random side-missions during missions - optional objectives. Solo, missions are quite atmospheric, love the audio and visuals while in the Hive areas, very spooky. Fallen seem a little bland; no area distinguishes itself as a Fallen area. Story seems solid. Very nice opening sequence. Would have preferred to have to run from enemy while under fire rather than just hear them. The Warmind stuff seems very cool. Hope that's expanded on. Explore: Needs more mission types. Also should help player understand why faction missions are important. Would prefer to select which faction my character is working for without equipping faction gear. Would prefer more level variety in missions - missions in area x are always level y, missions in area a are always level b, etc. Randomizing levels of mission monsters might make for interesting gameplay. Also having random bosses at the end of missions might create heightened tension. Like this game mode. Provides a way to walk around the world and 'do stuff' without feeling like I'm wasting my time. Very good idea. Makes me want to look through every nook and cranny to find dead ghosts, too. Classes: Titan - Favorite look. Titan armor quickly becomes awesome to look at. Good abilities, movement speed not a factor. LOVE the jetpack. Wish Fist of Havok was easier to judge arc height - makes landing a FoH on Sepkis Prime very difficult, but not impossible. Really feel the extra survivability on Titan. FoH splash damage seems on-target, less than Nova Bomb. Speed makes avoiding FoH very difficult. Balance feels good. FoH is very risky. Warlock - Best PvP class. Nova Bomb is borderline overpowered. Too large a damage radius - not enough risk to user. Can fire and forget and even run away. Best class to stop vehicles in First Light. Very fun class to play. The regen speed makes up for lack of armor of Titan, good PvP tactic is to be vehicle-mounted until Nova Bomb is up, then jump/glide up and NB to deal with entrenched enemies, then get back on vehicle. Might need to be toned down a little. Hunter: Dislike the style of this class. Actually got armor with stripes on it. Thought I was in prison. Do not want. Gameplay is good, class is a touch fragile - feels more fragile than Warlock, but seems faster. LOVE the melee ability. Wish my Titan could stab someone with a knife. Golden Gun seems less useful than FoH or NB - easy to miss in PvP and has no splash damage, unlike other two supers. Unlike other two classes, hunter does not have as many options when faced with multiple enemies. Like the capes, but not as sexy as I thought it'd be. Weapons: Auto Rifle: The undisputed king of mainstream PvP. Without one, I regularly place at the bottom of the rankings. With one, I am almost invariably first or second on my team. No reason to choose ANY other weapon type in PvP, probably not balanced. Good in PvE. Is a beast if user can control recoil. Scout Rifle: Beast of PvE. Might need to tone down accuracy a little - or start giving out medals for headshots in a row. PvP they're difficult to use. Not as powerful without the headshot. High player mobility compared to PvE means much fewer headshots. No reason to use one of these versus an auto-rifle. Pulse Rifles: Eh. There's no reason to use one. Intermittent recoil is difficult to control (not shooting, shooting, then not shooting) making aiming more difficult. Strong weapon in PvE, but overshadowed by the all-purpose Auto-Rifle and precision killing Scout Rifle. Handcannon: By far the weakest PvP weapon. Requires aim to the extent that players with Auto-Rifles will own you before you've gotten your third shot off. Reload time is too long. Vehicles: In general, vehicles are overpowered. First Light is less a game about shooting skill and more a game about getting to the interceptors first. Owning one interceptor can make a team that was losing by several thousand points be back in the game - the scarcity of supers with the rate of vehicle spawn means that it's possible there's no real way to deal with a vehicle when it's up. Even heavy ammo is not useful, unless the user has a rocket launcher and manages to get off a well-placed rocket (that isn't dodged) before they die. Owning both interceptors is basically an 'I win' button for a team. Reduce vehicle profile to give snipers and precision shooters more ability to deal with vehicles. Reduce interceptor splash damage. Enemies: Enemy AI is poor. Enemies lean so far out of cover it's laughable. They essentially take one gigantic step out of cover so that the player can hit 80% of their body. Increase AI difficulty, increase enemy accuracy, increase rate of flank and maneuver, increase chasing distance especially in hard mode. Also increase rate of grenades thrown - enemy should force players to displace so their flanks and ambushes can work better. Maybe increase AI difficulty due to presence of commanders, like Captains or elite enemies, something like that. Hard mode currently adds hit points - doesn't seem to do much else. Would prefer to see better AI in hard mode than normal. Love the enemies battling enemies sequences. Especially the start of the strike mission. Very well done. Hard mode explore missions. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Devil Walkers are a lot of fun. Wish waves of trash mobs were larger when faced with these. I like my gameplay with a tinge of desperation. Sepkis was a bit of a disappointment. Needs very slightly larger blast radius, I think. Seal off the corridor behind players as they enter, as it's too easy of a retreat right now. Spawn players down below, where they'd have to run upstairs to rejoin the battle. Waves of enemies here feels good, hard mode is hectic without being overwhelming with a good team. Sepkis, did, however give me the best moment of my Destiny gameplay. Playing as Titan, boosted up until I thought he was in range, then let loose Fist of Havok, landing on top of him, for the kill to the applause of my fireteam. Felt like a Legend.

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