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1/1/2008 10:38:30 PM

Halo 3 Easter Eggs guide

Hi, I started this thread to register and post the Halo 3 Easter Eggs. So if you guys knows any easter egg missing here you can help by posting them here and i will edit the first post to list all of the halo 3 easter eggs we found. This sounds like fun hunting Halo 3 Easter Eggs lol I will try to post links with the screenshots or videos of the easter eggs [u]Halo 3 Easter Eggs[/u] [b]Campaign[/b] [url=]Hidden missing note on Floodgate[/url] [url=]Pirate poster on The Storm[/url] [url=]Heart on a tree on S117[/url] [url=] another heart on S117 (somewhere by the part when you find a brute holding a marine by his neck)[/url] [url=]Seventh column symbol on Crow's Nest[/url] [url=]Red vs Blue guys in Crow's Nest[/url] [url=]Monkey family on S117[/url] [url=]Jerk Store grunt on Halo[/url] [url=]Jumping guy on Halo by the terminal[/url] [url=]Peeing Brute[/url] [url=]Master Chief helmet building on The Storm[/url] You can finish the last game with a mongoose, and find 4 ghosts and 2 choppers on halo [b]Valhalla[/b] On the forerunner wall [url=]Kilrroy was here (Veterans Day special)[/url] [url=]RIP (Halloween special)[/url] [url=]Make love not war (New Year's Day)[/url] [url=]Seventh Column symbol (Bungie day, July 7th 2007)[/url] [url=]BBQ at Bob's House (July 4th)[/url] [url=]Toady Was Live! (May 5th)[/url] [url=]Christmas (December 25th)[/url] [url=]Earth Day (April 22nd)[/url] They also spawn on a rock in front of the sea base. [b]Sandtrap[/b] [url=]Da Vinci code[/url] [url=]Flipping Elephant[/url] [b]Standoff[/b] [url=]Man on the moon and Travis Brady easter eggs[/url] [url=]Face on the moon[/url] [b]Foundry[/b] [url=]It glows[/url] There is a picture of a grunt in a newspaper when you delete all the windows [b]High Ground[/b] [url=]You can hear secret messages on morse code[/url] [url=]There is a doll under the stairs next to the pipe room[/url] There is a radio that plays music of halo if you stand by it for about 5 minutes (it doesn't work if you touch it) [b]Isolation[/b] [url=]If you jump over the ghost andlook up on the same direction the ghost is facing at and start walking slowly until you see an image of a duck[/url] (its kinda hard to find) [url=]The grass starts to get more dirty after you play for a while[/url] [b]Last Resort[/b] [url=]You can see master chief flexing on the clouds[/url] [b]The Pit[/b] [url=]On the sword room, if u destroy the phone and flip it so its facing down and look at the back with binoculars you will be able to see a Microsoft Windows logo on it[/url] [b]Others[/b] [url=]Marathon symbol on security helmet[/url] [url=]Chief on bullets[/url] [url=]A binary code that spells "Dave", the designer of the interface when using binoculars[/url] [url=]Puma on the warthog like in RvB[/url] [url=]You can see the Spartans face[/url] - [url=]The pic if you cant see it on the video[/url] [url=]There is like a hole or symbol on the skull of oddball[/url] [url=]The bomb from assault has the text: "Thus I Refute Thee"[/url] [url=]You can use the AA wraith (golden wraith)[/url] i dont think this is an easter egg lol You can see marathon symbols on some UNSC weapons That's all i know this far. I hope you gus help me to find more lol PS/ I dont know if someone already made this thread [Edited on 01.01.2008 6:07 PM PST]
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