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#Destiny, it's time you learned a Valuable Lesson about Over-Hyping and Source Checking.

[spoiler]It's time for a little Community PSA. I'm a dedicated member of this community, and I'm seeing a lot of the people newer to this kind of thing freaking out about stuff. Let me help you. Just read what I have to say.[/spoiler] We've been seeing multiple threads about how people are disappointed with the current info available, or that the Beta isn't happening right now, or that you didn't get the info you wanted with this Info Drop. I'm here to tell you something… [u]You are all acting ridiculous.[/u] [b]The Problem:[/b] [quote]One of the biggest issues that I'm seeing is that people will believe anything and everything they hear. For example, people complain that the Beta isn't starting today. It's been 8 weeks, right? Well if you had checked your sources, you'd know it's been officially confirmed for 8 weeks that the Beta was not going to happen now. It's also been known for a while that the Beta will be in the Summer. Summer doesn't start till June 21st. Another example is the amount of disappointment in the videos and articles released today. Once again, people were going into this with their expectations set to Fanboy. The gameplay video we got today was amazing. It really was. We saw a ton of varied gameplay compared to what we saw the last time, with new powers and abilities being clearly highlighted. Yet still people complain about the fact that we didn't get much story information. Instead of appreciating everything we got, a ton of people choose to complain.[/quote] [b]The Solution:[/b] [quote]The biggest issues this community is dealing with right now is not a lack of info, it's that people do not check their sources for info and get over-hyped in the process. So let's go over some basics. [u]YouTube videos, Podcasts, News Articles, random comments claiming something is happening…[/u] They are all completely untrustworthy. Unless they are directly quoting the words of a press release or commenting on something present in a video or picture, than you can't take their word as gospel. I see huge amounts of people filtering through here who think that the Beta was supposed to release today because someone on YouTube said so, or that it was "confirmed" by another person. Stop believing them. Stop it. Now. It's all just people speculating and over-hyped people believing them regardless of the truth. [b]IF SOMETHING IS NOT DIRECTLY CONFIRMED BY BUNGIE, DON'T EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN.[/b] Lastly… Chill the -blam!- out. Seriously, you guys are scaring me.[/quote] I'm glad we had this talk #Destiny. It needed to be said. Listen, I'm a VERY dedicated member of this community. I'm just sitting here enjoying the info when it comes out and going about my life when it's not. We can all get by without the rage and disappointment if you all just chill out, check your sources, and don't believe every last thing that gets said in your general direction. Listen, I'm not one to beg for likes or comments, but try giving this thread some so more people can see it. It needs to be seen. Until then, enjoy this [url=]mildy amusing gif of a goat.[/url] Be brave, become legend, chill out and have a good time.

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