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Here's a puzzle

Solved! This code has been claimed. Thanks everyone who played. r p sinθ | Prime Prime Squared If I swallowed Germanium Our favorite of Lupus | Black F/M C [spoiler] L73-4NA-KA6 r p sinθ is the formula for angular momentum. The symbol for angular momentum is L. The Septagon has 7 prongs. The Tricorn has 3 lobes. Prime is a math term, and also means "first". The prime prime (or first prime) is 2. The prime prime squared is 4. If I, "Nitron F117", swallowed Germanium, there would be Germanium inside "Nitron F117". Germanium's symbol is Ge. If you put Ge inside "Nitron F117" you get "[u]Nitro[b]ge[/b]n[/u] F117". The symbol for Nitrogen is N. Lupus is a constellation. Its brightest star is Alpha Lupi. Bungie did an ARG a while back referencing this star, making it our favorite of the stars in the constellation. Alpha is also the phonetic word for the letter A. In the CMYK color model, cyan is C, magenta is M, yellow is Y, and black, which represents the Key value, is K. F/M is the formula for acceleration. The symbol for acceleration is A. C stands for Carbon. Carbon's atomic number is 6. [/spoiler]

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