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Discuss all things Destiny.
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Why are YOU excited for Destiny? (Best reasons go in the OP)

We're just starting to get to the point where we have enough information about Destiny to have varying opinions on what makes it a great game. Just like any other community, this one has MANY opinions. Lets hear yours. What is it that attracts you to this game? Best ones go in the OP. I'll start off with the most obvious one: [quote]1. It's a Bungie game. 2. Because it will likely be broken in terms of gameplay and #Destiny will swell with angry mobs that are perfect to mess with. [u]-Banned Plasma[/u] 3. I want to blow shit up. Bungie always makes blowing things up fun with a bungie twist. [u]-DeadRage1[/u] 4. Open world/players will be able to exist as true individuals with effective roles to play in guilds and raids. [u]-Mythic J[/u] 5. Immersion, kick ass action, and character development. [u]-brain surgeon[/u] 6. It's something completely different from what I normally play. [u]-Rob[/u] 7. Rocks [u]-TussalStew533[/u] (Absolutely stunning analysis right here folks.) 8. I want to get the crap scared out of me.[u]-Progo[/u] 9. It's a game meant to last. [u]-jesterXD[/u] 10. The awesome story. [u]-Dallgar[/u] 11. Space Magic and Dancing. What more needs to be said? [u]-Jake[/u] 12. Bungie will use the money it made to finish step 7 and take over the world! [u]-Jake[/u] 13. Public Events and stats. [u]-raveun2me[/u] 14. The ability to take your character into both competitive and cooperative areas. [u]-MiloOmega(Dakoasis)[/u] 15. 10+ YEARS OF GAMEPLAY. [u]-TamaHawk[/u] 16. Exploring the vastness of our solar system and fighting for our homeworld. [u]-AT0M UP[/u] 17. Machineguns [u]-Commander[/u] 18. The Destiny app. [u]-Senatrolls[/u] 19. Exploring your characters wide variety of customs. [u]-TamaHawk[/u] 20. Annihilating new opposition with my trusty fireteam. [u]-Mr xXMacDaddyXx[/u] 21. Bungie always makes a game of beauty, mystery, and action. [u]-Syndus[/u] 22. Massive open world exploration. [u]-Loki2037[/u] 23. A game that's made for any style of gamer. [u]-conquer343[/u] 24. Swords. That is all. [u]-jrayb[/u] 25. Seamless Smart Matchmaking, continued content support without subscriptions, and A persistent ever evolving world. [u]-Nayden[/u] 26. Time traveling robots! [u]-ItsJustGabe[/u] 27. A properly done pseudo-mmo post apocalyptic universe with Shooter and RPG elements. [u]-xXNetCodeXx[/u] 28. An Epic Adventure in a Stunning Futuristic World you can Share with Your friends! [u]-MadHaze[/u] ...[/quote] Get cracking #Destiny!

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