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Justice League Film

Hello Flood. I've been working on a treatment for a Justice League film for several months. I've never particularly been a fan of comics, though I did enjoy the animated Batman and Justice League series growing up. Anyways, like most of the world, I enjoy the Marvel cinematic universe. One night a friend and I were discussing those movies, and the topic turned to the fact that DC has such a hard time making quality films. That led to a several hour long brainstorming session that produced a rough plot outline for about four films. Feeling it had to be shared, I started drafting the first treatment, and I'm about 18 pages in as of now. Though I'd envisioned this as a live action film, I realize that isn't likely to happen now with an actual film on the horizon. I think the story is too good to quit however, so I've resolved to keep at it in the hopes it could be an animated film or graphic novel. Like I said, I enjoyed the animated series, so that's the basic characterizations I'm starting from. I haven't shared it with many people yet, so I thought it would be nice to get some feedback. This would be the opening prologue scene, set several decades before the bulk of the film. [quote] Late 1940’s New Mexico. Film opens with a nighttime shot of a cow pasture, situated near a farmhouse. Parked at the end of the driveway, two off-duty airmen sit in a truck, listening to music and drinking. They are visibly intoxicated. One turns to the other, slurring out,” I’m not so sure this is a good idea anymore…we should probably get…get back to base.” This earns him a punch in the shoulder from his friend. After taking a moment to hiccup, he says, “Ah, don’t chicken out now. You lost the bet…now you’re gonna do it!” He begins to offer further protest, before both of their eyes are drawn to the sky. “What the hell is that!” A bright object rapidly moves across the sky. The other replies, “No clue…some kind of meteor?!” before both men look down at their beer cans, then at each other. They toss them out the window unfinished before climbing out of the vehicle. It soon becomes clear the object’s trajectory is bringing it uncomfortably close to the airmen. As it barrels towards them, it becomes apparent it’s far too large to be a meteor. It is a large metallic object, red-hot and trailing flames from atmospheric entry. Pieces of it seem to be flaking away. Though they thought it would crash right on top of them – “It’s headed straight for us!” – it arcs over them to crash in a barren area a few plots over. This visually shakes both men. They quickly get back in the truck - “We’ve got to tell the lieutenant about this!” – before driving off, tires screeching. Cuts to crash site. The object is now revealed to be a small, heavily damaged escape pod. It is slightly buried from the impact. After a few moments, the front opens up with a burst of steam. A bright light emanates from inside, piercing the night. A tall figure, clad in an all-black commando-like bodysuit soon stumbles out, falling to its knees. They bring two fingers up to the side of their neck, pressing gently. The helmet they had been wearing seems to fluidly withdraw into the rest of the suit, revealing a green, elongated face with intense red eyes. They gasp for air for a few moments, in visible pain. After a brief pause of respite, they stand and begin to stumble off. They wander aimlessly for a bit, eventually encountering a road. Due to ignorance or delirium, they walk out in front of a car. The horn sounds, but it is too late for the wounded alien to act. The car slams into them, propelling them backwards. Before even hitting the ground, they completely disappear. The shaken driver gets out of his vehicle, and walks to the front of the car. “Oh god, oh god…I’m so sorry! Are you ok-“. He stops mid-sentence, mouth still open when he sees a few small splotches of purple blood on his dented grill and the road, but no body. “What in the world!” The camera moves away from the scene, focusing on some moving brush on the roadside. It is disturbed in almost a deliberate way, as if someone was walking through it. This is soon revealed to be the case as the alien from earlier reappears, now clutching its side. They bring their hand up to look at it. It is covered with purple blood. Gathering their strength and will, they move out in search of shelter. Cuts to exterior of Air Force Base. The airmen from before can be seen passing through a security checkpoint. As they pass through, a voice-over from their commanding officer begins. “You mean to tell me some…rocket ship flew right over your heads, and then crashed in the desert.” Cuts to lieutenant’s office where the conversation is being held. The two airmen, still drunk and disheveled, stand across from their commanding officer, seated behind his desk. They reply in near-unison. “Yes sir!” The lieutenant smirks, “And I suppose you would also have me believe that some…little green man was inside as well?” One looks at the other before answering, “Well, I didn’t see anything like that sir. I just thought you would like to know about it.” The officer sternly replies, “Airmen, get out of my office with this nonsense. Bother me with anything like this again, and I will personally see that your next leave is docked.” The two men salute before scrambling out. “Yes sir!” Once in the hallway, they take a moment to collect their thoughts. One turns to the other, “I know I’m a little drunk, but I know what I saw.” Their conversation is abruptly interrupted when someone approaches from behind, placing a hand on one of the airmen’s shoulders. The cuff of a black suit can be seen. “Forget all about it son. We’ll take it from here.” Cuts back to the exterior of the farm. The alien makes their way across the property, heading towards the barn. They keep in the shadows as much as possible. They slip in through the backdoor, and then finally collapse from exhaustion. Just as it seems there is a moment for them to rest and collect their thoughts, a menacing growling noise begins echoing through the mostly dark barn. A dog walks into the sliver of light cast from the open door, viciously barking and gnashing its teeth. As it begins to leap, seemingly to attack, the alien puts out their hand towards it, fingers outstretched. It stops in its tracks. They share a few moments of locked eye contact, before the dog whimpers and lays down, completely pacified. The alien seems pleased by this, and starts to move towards the dog, just as the main door of the barn creeks open. The interior is flooded with moonlight as an old farmer walks in, shotgun in hand. “Daisy, you in here girl? What’s the matter?” A farmer’s-eye-view shot of the barn reveals nothing out of the ordinary. Daisy runs up to him, tail between her legs. “It’s alright girl…let’s take a look around.” He begins to intently investigate the barn. He seems satisfied after one sweep, and turns to leave. The alien, who had become incorporeal, becomes visible once again, unable to hold it any longer. The sound of a swinging hinge stops the farmer before he steps foot outside. “Wait a minute…that back door was closed.” He quickly turns and is equal parts horrified and surprised by the sight that greets him. The wounded alien huddles in the floor. “Ahhh, what the hell are you!” The alien reaches out in an apparent attempt to calm him, but this only exasperates the farmer’s anxiety. He raises his shotgun. As he is about to pull the trigger, a very professional voice rings out from the doorway. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Mr. Patterson.” The farmer turns, finger still on the trigger. Two shadowy figures loom in the doorframe. As they enter the structure, they become identifiable as official looking men in crisp black suits. They wear wide-brimmed hats that cast obscuring shadows across most of their faces. This makes them look eerily similar. Farmer – “What’s going on here?” The other man in black speaks, “Mr. Patterson, it would be in your best interest to go put that gun away and forget this ever happened.” The farmer is still visibly on pins and needles. “How do you know my name?” One of the men pulls a small notepad from his jacket, flipping it open. “Charles Patterson. Wife Nancy. Married for thirty-five years. Two children, Robert and Susan. They live in Tucson and Metropolis, respectively.” The farmer is dumbfounded. The other man speaks, maintaining a cool, professional demeanor. “We know a lot of things, Mr. Patterson. It would be a shame for this little incident to have….repercussions on your loved ones.” The other man follows up, “Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Patterson?” The farmer begins to offer protest, “Now hold on just one minute, this is my la-“ but is cut off when one of the men pulls some sort of handgun from his jacket, and shoots him without hesitation. He immediately falls to the ground, limp. The man in black looks down on him, “It’s a pity it had to come to this, Mr. Patterson.” He turns to his companion, “Deal with him,” before turning his attention to the alien, still crouched in the floor. The camera switches to their point of view. The man in black towers above. “I never thought they would actually be green.” His raises his weapon again – the screen cuts to black. The sound of it discharging rings out. [/quote] I know that's not readily identifiable as a scene from a Justice League film, but it sets stuff up for later. Thanks in advance for constructive feedback. By the way, does anyone know a DC city that would be a good replacement for Tuscon? That's just a placeholder.

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