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<//> Archive/31030101 - Intercepted Transmission

[quote][b]0513:[/b] [i]Camping on one of the Tower's balconies in the rain for three days paid off. Intercepted the following transmission from AI.SEKHMET to the Guardians:[/i] [quote]//SIG_INT/DAT_STRM_INJECT/COMM.AI.DBO.SEKHMET //MODE/EN //BEGIN-TX Good morning, my Guardians! I received a strange transmission at one of my outer perimeter listening stations overnight. The signal was weak but unmistakable. Preliminary analysis revealed errors that must be corrected. Unfortunately there was no repeat, so what was captured is what we have. I will update this node with more information as it becomes available.[/quote] [b]0520:[/b] [i]Transmission update. Looks like some form of primitive digital coding. Might have to see if [REDACTED] can take a look at it. Old coot loves this crypto bull.[/i] [quote]Thank you for standing by, Guardians. Signal processing is complete. Signal reconstruction was 99.98% effective, hopefully that will be enough. //MODE/?UNKNOWN //DATA_DUMP [spoiler]==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[/spoiler]//END_DATA_DUMP Now where was that /primary/ I had floating around here…?[/quote] [b]0836:[/b] [i][REDACTED] paid off. Apparently the alphanumerical string was in 'Base-64' and decodes to the message attached below.[/i] [quote]TO: DBO.AI.SEKHMET FROM: DBO.VANGUARD.UNIT-08732 Sekhmet, This was intercep@ed on the way out of the Hive c1uster. They'll know what to do wi?h this, but they need to work together. Tel# them to watch out for the lockdown. The more thEy work together, the more likely we are to come through this iN one piwce. //CYPHERMODE/AES128/ECB 737865a6de79ceffd44c86feb36ea480ef083dbecccdf71077dc044e218243f6 //ENDCYPHER ~08732 <3[/quote][i]Apparently an operative (callsign:08732) was attempting to transfer a release code to the Guardians from the Hive Cluster. If I can crack this, perhaps I can get off this godforsaken rock! The codes run deeper, so [REDACTED] has told me to give him time. Not sure how much more patience I have left, this city reeks of fear and despair, it's sickening...[/i] [b]0942:[/b] [i]I don't even know what AES-128 is - ECB mode or otherwise - but somehow [REDACTED] has pulled it off. I gave him this weeks Guardian cypher code ("Carpe Diem") and he decrypted the string into an old internet address. Pulled some strings with a few contacts in the Archives and retrieved an image. The colors had glitched over the centuries, but I can make out a nine-digit code. My hands are shaking. Don't ask me how this picture could relate to security lockdown codes out of the City, but if it lets my bird fly out under SEKHMET's radar, I couldn't care less if it was hieroglyphics.[/i] [b]0958:[/b] [i][censored] DAMNIT! DATA CORRUPTION MY [censored]! I ran the image through the Ghost's defrag suite and cleaned up the resolution. The string is [b]D7V-9N?-CX4[/b], BUT THE SIXTH SYMBOL IS CORRUPTED! I can't risk plugging in any one of the 36 possibilities into my security card, because if it's wrong, Tower Defence will blast me out of the [censored] sky! This is the closest I've come to getting out of here in five long years and to fall short now makes me want to scream. I wish I had my gun and hadn't dropped it in Charlie's, otherwise I'd blast every [censored] in this [censored] [censored].[/i] [b]1000:[/b] [i]I hate Mondays.[/i][/quote] Courtesy of /Sekhmet/ over at [url=]DBO[/url] for this fiendishly difficult Beta code puzzle, and congrats to Arukemos for solving it! (The missing symbol was a '7', of course) You can see the full, non-fictionalised and original transcript [url=]HERE[/url]. Stay tuned, Guardians! I'll be keeping an eye out for these sort of things and posting them up here, albeit probably quite far behind the action. If you're wanting to take part, I'd advise you go out and look for yourself! ;) Enjoy your Octobers, Guardians, and I'll see you on the flip side. Thorn

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