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A Guild System in Destiny?



Yes, I like the general idea




Would you like to have a guild system in Destiny? This is a list of various ideas that could be used in Destiny's guild system. My (and those who contributed to this thread) basic idea of a guild system would include: [b]Corporate Glimmer Fund[/b] - Anyone in a guild could give to a clan fund that would let the clan have special weapons marked with their emblems, colors and faction logo. The leaders of the clan would invest it in weapons, armor and anything else a clan could buy. The Glimmer in the fund would be able to be invested into any weapon or armor using the clan trading system. Once you bought using the trade post, you could keep it for yourself or send it to the clan's armories. All weapons would be returned to the armories of the guild once the player was done using it in his/her gaming session if it was owned by the guild. >>[b]Armor & Weapon locks EDIT:[/b] Weapons and armor would be level unlocked like a level 20 weapon for a level 20 guardian. They'd be locked till your guardian was the correct rank and then you could use it if you wanted. [b]Bases[/b] - This would be a base that would store the clan's armor, clan starships and weapons. A place where everyone could gather to discuss clan events, etc. & a place where you could store your personal ships, locked where only you can use it of course. >>[b]TRADING POST:[/b] Also somewhere in your guild/clan base (thanks to Exorf for the idea) would be a clan trading system that you could use to trade with others in your guild, other guilds, and possibly other guardians in the Last City. >>[b]HANGAR:[/b] Since we know one cannot fight in space battles, if guilds/clans could have clan battleships (idea by Colonel Akoli) that would be large enough for every member's starship then it might be used for a cutscene leading into a raid or public event. [b]Squads[/b] - A squad of six with a leader, a second in command and 4 members. Looks like we already have a squad of six from the first Destiny ViDoc, but had to throw this in. [b]Colors[/b] - The clan could choose it's colors that would be used for every weapon and piece of armor it owned. [b]Faction[/b] - The clan would be allowed the option of being dedicated to a certain faction, so if there were faction battles, they would be able to play together as a clan. Each member could also have a private allegiance to a faction when they were not playing with the whole clan in a faction event, clan raid or something else. [b]Clan Logo/Emblem[/b] - The leader(s) might be able to choose an emblem out of many choices (like H2, H3, HReach). The colors chosen as the clan's colors would be used on the logo of the clan which would be printed on all weapons, armor and any other property of the clan. The Tower might be one of the better places to put this as it seems to be the center of trade, hangars for your ship, & maybe an armory or two. Maybe Bungie could also have a watered down version of this for fireteams where you could have a fireteam with a certain faction selected, a place to meet at the city and a hangar for all three of you to park your personal ships. And before you start wondering, I'm not a WoW player. Remember this is an idea thread, so if you think of something, I'll add it to this thread and you get the credit for it. This isn't necessarily what Bungie will do, but it's nice to think about till the launch of Destiny.

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