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Surf a Flood of random discussion.

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Interesting things to tell your friends about.

[b]Do you know what a "Russian Candy Cane" is?[/b] [i]I bet you don't. Maybe you should Google it and find out.[/i] [b]Do you know what "Arabian goggles" are?[/b] [i]You probably don't. Maybe you should go to Google images and find out. [u]Couldn't hurt, right?[/u][/i] [b]Do you know what "Guro" is?[/b] [i]Google images has the answer.[/i] [b]Do you know what "toddlercon" is?[/b] [i]If you want to know, Google it and you will know.[/i] [b]Do you know what "necrophilia" is[/b] [i]I bet your first guess is [u]dead[/u] wrong. Google will correct you.[/i] [b]Do you know what a "nepiophile" is[/b] [i]Of course you don't. Use the magic Google to inform you of this interesting term[/i] So much information and so little time. Have fun if you actually look them up. [spoiler]If you look up any of the terms I mentioned, know that I am not responsible for what may happen to you as a result.[/spoiler] [b][i][u]Don't you just love all my Google promotion. I might just be getting payed for this[/b][/i][/u]

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