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4/11/2004 10:00:29 AM

New Forums

Welcome to the new and very sexy Forums! I'm sure all of you know how to use a forum, so I'll skip the silly instructions and get right to the good stuff. What's new and THE RULES! [b]What's NEW:[/b] Layout. Not only is the forum a lot nicer looking than before it is also more functional. Avatars. Check out your My settings link. Then click on Avatar. OMFG SWEET. Forum Polls. This is like the coolest new update to the forum in my opinion. Basically you can create a poll and insert it right into your forum topic! Although, I hear bungie will take this feature away if the master chief loses any popularity forum polls. So it's probably not a very a good idea to make any stosh vs. master chief polls. Text Markup. The text formatting system has been revamped a bit for the new It's now much easier to use and new users should be able to decipher it without needing a team of geeks at their disposal. Practice the text markup options [url=]here.[/url] Chars Left. Check out this feature located on the bottom left of your post field. It counts the amount of characters you have left for your post in real time. Neat, huh? Pin. If your forum post is really awesome, we can pin it. Basically pinning will make your post stick to the top of the forum. It will be uneffected by time, meaning it will stay up there until we unpin it. Delete. The new system won't leave icky forum data residue anymore when we delete ugly forum posts. They will just disappear. Like a bad forum post should. Lock. We can lock forum posts now. Locking is just another feature we will use to combat user immaturity and senseless forum topics. I would also like to note that all three forums will be moderated daily. Rude users will never ruin your day on one of our forums again. Promise. [b]The RULES:[/b] Please DO NOT advertise your chapter here. You can use the seventh column [url=]mainpage[/url] for that. No petitions. Do not link to adult content or to sites that contain information on any type of software piracy. No bad jokes. Xbox hacking/modding discussions will not be permitted on any of the forums. Don't Flame each other. Use your manners and common sense. If you disagree with someone, do so gracefully. Noob, Newbie, N00b, and any other variants on the word newb are hereby banned from use on this forum. Any user who violates this rule will be put to [url=]death[/url]. There are plenty of more rules I could list, but I mean only a brain damaged monkey would break them. Use common sense and your very best online etiquette. Read the [url=]terms[/url] of use and [url=]code of conduct[/url] for more specific dos and donts. Suggestions: Use a spell checker to check your posts for misspellings. There's no point in making a forum topic if we can't understand it because of multiple spelling errors. Don't use stupid abbreviations. (Example: Your = ur, You = u, Are = r, Halo: CE) P.S. If you have any suggestions/complaints/questions about the new site and its awesome forums, please make them at the [url=]Septagon[/url]. I mean I don't mind moving posts, but you would be nice if I didn't have to. Thanks! That's it! Welcome! Have fun! [Edited on 4/13/2004 12:51:12 AM]

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