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2/19/2013 10:19:36 AM

Intergalactic Defense Republic - Official Statement

Hello Guardians, We all know that [b]Destiny[/b] is still out of [i]Reach[/i] (excuse the pun), but I would like to introduce my faction accordingly prior to the release. Below is a [i]Draft Overview[/i] of the Faction (or Alliance) of the [b]"Intergalactic Defense Republic"[/b] or [b]IDR[/b]. I have also posted a link to the [i]Group//Faction//Alliance[/i]. I will also post a link to the drafted topic at the end of this initial post. Although it is a draft, it still remains an [b]Official Document of the IDR[/b]. We do mention we are looking for members currently, although I and many of you know that the game is still quite far away. I believe it would be good to grow the community of the [b]IDR[/b] prior to release. With that being said, please understand that we as a Faction (as it is being called currently) are partaking in community discussions and a full disclosure of the [b]IDR[/b] will be announced in due time. At this point in time the [b]IDR[/b] is currently looking for members who can be respectable ambassadors the faction. Partake in helping the community within [b]IDR[/b] but the community surrounding Destiny and Bungie. Please read the draft below, and feel free to apply for membership. Drafted Statement Group Link : Any questions you may have will be answered in this topic. Regards & Lightspeed [b]PROJECT XIII[/b] [i]Leader of[/i] [b]Intergalactic Defense Republic [/b] Hello Guardians. [b]Welcome to the Intergalactic Defense Republic[/b] >or [b]Intergalactic Republic[/b] >or [b][IDR][/b] We are the [b]Official Faction of Destiny[/b], Earth and the surrounding spheres. [b][u][Prologue][/u][/b] [quote]After the fallout of Earth and the calling of the Traveler, a group of Guardians came together to share common goals. After a few years the [b]Intergalactic Defense Republic [/b]([i]or [IDR][/i]) was formed and its strength became to grow. The [b]IDR[/b] began its work by helping others on earth as the Traveler shrouded the city, sharing its knowledge, strength and technology. As their duties to city became noticed more recruits started to flow into the [b]IDR[/b]. As the numbers grew, so did the strength and community. All in the belief that the ultimate goal could be attained...[/quote] [b][i][About][/i][/b] [b]The Intergalactic Defense Republic[/b] ([i]or [IDR][/i]) holds strong morals and rules about its actions among its fellow comrades and as a faction at whole. The [b]IDR[/b] is the leading faction among the galaxy, this is shown by our actions, friendships and the growth we promote among its members. The [b]IDR's[/b] actions, and decisions are done in a positive manner where we do not effect other guardians or sabotage other Factions. The [b]IDR[/b] holds the utmost respect for the other residing factions in the [i]Galaxy[/i]. We are open to discussions and achieving common goals among the other factions based on the morals of its actions. The [b]IDR[/b] promotes inter-faction relationships, we feel that as a whole or a group we can work together - Achieving goals and making new friends. [i]***With that being said we do not take lightly the actions of evil, of a troll or actions that are not of a comrade. Whether these actions are against the IDR or against one of its members, each case will be looked at and action will follow accordingly (Unfortunately we are unable to go into the depth of this at this stage) [/i] Our members [[i]Guardian[/i]] will remain professional and diplomatic in-game and also on forums. Each member of the [b]IDR[/b] is an ambassador for the Republic and we do not promote abuse, trolling or sabotage. Any action that has a negative look upon the [b]IDR[/b] is a violation of its membership. The members actions will be reviewed - action and or punishment will follow. [i](Unfortunately we are unable to go into the depth of this at this stage. But some actions may see the member [Guardian] removed from the Republic)[/i] [quote]The [b]IDR[/b] and its members do not promote illegal actions: [i]Example: Illegal and/or Manipulation of the Bungie Productions, software or sites. or Illegal and/or Manipulation of the Bungie's partners.[/i] If members are found partaking or are promoting actions in any kind of relation to the above, they will be [b]reported immediately[/b] and removed from the [b]IDR[/b][/quote] The [b]IDR[/b] promotes [b]Strength, Technology and Information[/b]. As apart of the Republic you will find yourself surrounded by members that have knowledge in different area's of [i]Destiny[/i]. We are willing to help all members, to grow and be a bigger contribution to the Republic. Each action you partake inside the [b]IDR[/b] never goes unnoticed and rewards and or promotions will always be considered to those showing the [b]IDR's[/b] [i]Morals[/i] inside its actions, ([i]forum, community and in-game[/i]) We pride ourselves with working together as one unit, by sharing our skills, items, knowledge, and technology. We are always open to talk and discuss issue you may be having, or help that may be needed. [b]We are dedicated to our Comrades, Our Goals and Sharing In The GLORY.[/b] The Intergalactic Defense Republic is OPEN to new recruits. So please submit your application. [i]**Please bare in mind your actions are looked at from the beginning of your membership. Please promote the respect we deserve and the respect other deserve. ***The Intergalactic Defense Republic will be updating its morals and goals at a later stage.****[/i] Regards & Lightspeed [b]PROJECT XIII[/b] [i]Leader of[/i] [b]Intergalactic Defense Republic [/b]

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