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4/15/2004 1:15:39 PM

New info and screens in the next game informer

Yes you read right.Game informer a video game magazine is doin a ten page preview of halo 2 . They put some of the stuff on hbo.Ill give you a summary on the stuff. some of the things might make you cry so here it goes.. .* you can play with more than two teams! Like I said I haven't read the article yet but one pic CLEARLY shows 2 pink MC 2 light green MC 1 Red MC and 1 Green MC! * the enviorments are AWESOME! * they have a pic of a flamethrower turret! I'll post more about it once I read it. SINGLE PLAYER * Bungie confirmed the campaign will take place on both earth and a 2nd Halo Ring. * Peaking and destructable envoirments are likely but not confirmed. * Brute and Prophet confirmed, likely to be atleast one more covenant added. MULTIPLAYER * Online 5 week Alpha test has been completed. The test was available only to 1000 M$ employees. * Elites WILL be playable in atleast 1 multiplayer mode * New multi modes confirmed, (only one described) Assault - offense carries bomb into defense's base to score a point, roles switch after a point is scored * "ONLINE COOP LIKELY" * Interactive envoirments In alpha version objects could be moved by being shot or by pushing them, could be pushed off ledges. Final version likely to contain quite a bit more interaction with envoirments. * Ghost and Banshee will have a new addition - Holding the L trigger will cause engines to flare and cause you to move across the map at unheard of speeds * New "energy elevator contraption" - stepping into the swirling energy beam lifts the player up like a strong air current. Players CAN fire will being elevated (unlike when using a ladder)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Makes ya want to jump up and scream with joy. [Edited on 4/15/2004 5:18:44 AM]

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