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10/20/2007 11:34:08 PM

A short Fan-Fic I wrote

First off, after writing it I decided I didnt like the Star Wars/Halo Crossover, and am debating making Darth Vader an elite warrior or something. Give me any and all feedback, please! Negative, positive, just dont be a dick :] On with the story... [b][u]Ensign Work[/u] Master Chief closes in on his target. He sees him, standing there, a mere 300 feet away, seemingly unaware that he is being hunted. “This is ensign work, far too easy” he mutters as he sets up next to a large boulder, “Why would they send me for a simple assassination like this?” He pulls out his SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle and zooms in on his target. With a seconds pause, the Chief decides to take out his grenades and places them next to the rock to his left. Once again, he zooms in on his targets black helmet. A quiet chuckle leaves his lips as he pulls the trigger. A familiar CRACKBANG sound fills the desolate canyon as the bullet flies toward the target in black. ”Too easy, too easy. I may have to complain to Lord Hood about this,” he whispers, quietly laughing. He zooms in again, to view his now dead prey. But something’s wrong. There’s no body. “Wait...WHAT?!” Chief exclaims, “Where is he?” Grabbing his assault rifle and the grenades, he dives behind the boulder next to him. A metallic clink is made as he pulls the pin out of his fragmented grenade, followed by a slow hissing sound as he activates his Covenant plasma grenade. Holding one in each hand, he jumps out from behind the rock to search for his prey. He scans the canyon. Once, twice, three times with no sight of his armor clad foe. He scans a fourth time, this time consulting his radar. “There you are,” he whispers, as he notices a red dot not 100 feet to his right. He turns to face his enemy and sprints toward him. “Huh. That is some nifty armor he’s wearing. Too bad I gotta waste it!” he thinks as he reaches 50 feet, “Ok, three.!” He exclaims, as he throws both grenades at him. The plasma grenades meet with the frag, causing them to fuse together in midair BOOM! “Alright. No way he’s still standing. That blast could’ve cleared out a full battalion of Covenant soldiers” he growls, slightly aggravated. He glances toward the blast point, only to notice that once again, it is free of an armor clad enemy. Chief is dumbstruck. Frantically, he looks around for his seemingly invincible foe, an unable to find him, consults his radar. Then he hears it. A slow, mechanical breathing sound, coming from right behind him. He struggles to turn around, only to find himself stuck in his position. A tight constricting feeling makes itself known, around his neck. His feet are lifting off the ground, and he is quickly turned around to find himself not a foot away from Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. He could've sworn he saw eyes from behind that mask. With a flash of crimson, the battle is ended, with the Master Chief, Earths savior in two, and The Dark Lord walking away. “Unfortunate,” he whispers, “A waste of midi-chlorians.” He pauses for a second, to glance back at his fallen adversary, and though he couldn’t see it, he felt his body disappear, as it faded into nothing. [/b]
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