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10/10/2007 10:28:08 PM

The Reaper. Something I am working on in my spare time.

I am working on a something that I hope will be big someday. I cant say much because I dont want to give anything away. But just so you know, this is not a book, I'm hoping it will turn into a game. This is just a small bit of it, and please, dont get any funny ideas about copying this. Just tell me what you think. THE REAPER Prologue: The world has changed, I can feel it in life, I can sense it from the sky, The world has changed, I know it from the dark shadow that whispers in my ear, that all of our times have come. Our time is spent. The Old Times, archives of the ruler: Year the unknown. And lo’ the savior came fourth as god came down unto the Earth. The golden man said to god “You shall not instill your fear in me, for I am the first, the last, and the only” God looked upon the man and whispered the words “Shall you defeat me, my fate will be bound to you and you will bring doom on yourself” The hero cared not and examined his surroundings, the world that lay in ruins, his world, his love, his passion, and his malice. He drew the weapon, a scythe from his back and struck down god, who did not resist, but uttered one last breath “As I said before, you bring this doom upon yourself” The man pulled the scythe out of the bloody wound that he had inflicted and screamed “You dare take it away from me!”. His skin burned and turned white, the glow within him began to expand” There was a flash, and the man became something not himself, but something more, something powerful. His body rose up from the ground and was pulled up to the heavens. The world lay in pieces as it burned. Thousands of years have passed from that day……. Chapter 1 Cutscene/gameplay The City The Reaper sat on the stone ledge with but one thought on his mind: his target. The rain came down from the sky and met his stark white skin. Then came the wind, its cruel force did not sway the Reaper but instead gave him comfort. His shoulder length black hair flew with the wind as did his long leather coat that matched the black sky. Then came what he waiting for, a car pulled up to the edge of a nearby road and a single man walked out and entered the same building that the Reaper was waiting on top of. The Reaper gave a smile that was almost cruel and pulled a scythe off of his back. This man that the Reaper was chasing would bring in a heavy check. The Reaper looked down; it was about a sixty story drop, Reaper shrugged. He stood up and jumped off, this was what he lived for, and one of the few things that gave him joy, flying, having no ground underneath him. His moment was broken by the harsh feeling of earth. He had landed a few feet from the door. He took in his surroundings The gothic city was completely dark, like always, there was no daylight here. Gargoyles resided on every building and an air of uneasiness surrounded all of this. Reaper pushed the door open, and was greeted by a musty smell. The man had to be in here somewhere….. He came to a flight of stairs that led up to a huge wooden door surrounded by guards. Not that this was unexpected, a weapons dealer like this one must have himself surrounded by henchmen all the time. This was a huge inconvenience nonetheless. Reaper put the scythe on his back and took out two 9mm’s, both tuned to his fancy. The guards in black had not spotted him yet, but they soon would, Reaper preferred a more direct approach. The first guard saw him, “Hey! Hands up!” Reaper shot him right in the neck, directly below his chin. His head fell off, and blood flew out of his neck. The rest of the guards opened fire but Reaper was already in the air. He let no small amount of ammo fly out of his two handguns and soon, he was the last man alive. The Reaper chuckled and pushed open the large door. [Edited on 10.10.2007 2:28 PM PDT]
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