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5/19/2004 5:07:53 PM

Massive Locking

How can we get it through to these people that the Septagon is a place for and not halo. I mean theres almost 10 threads locked on the front page of the Septagon, and I don't think Red and blue mix... :-P. They spend to much time trying to get a post stickied and popular, instead of actually paying attention to what they are doing. People now only care about "power" or "popularity" here, and it gets really annoying. I mean I can handle it at times because i realize they have only been a part of the site for a few days or so, but we (being the trendsetters for everyone, banshee barron, rip saw, anyone else, you know who you are) need to find a way to get these people to start reading what the Septagon is for, because im sure the Mods get tired (shiska :-P) of locked thread after thread because people are being...well....idiots. It would make it easier on the Mods and everyone else if we didn't have to go through a list of locked threads just to find an actual sensible thread that doesn't have some type of a flame war going on in it. I may be like that sometimes, but I hardly every flame anyone, and I'm sure its not fun to be flamed, but I mean come on people [color=yellow]READ THE SIGNS[/color], it says [color=white]"Improve the Seventh Column and take over the world"[/color]. Now I know we all want to take over the world and all, but talking about Halo 2 won't improve the Seventh Column anymore than it has already. Bungie needs to come up with a way to like make us sign something saying, [color=red]Clicking "I agree" will bound you to improving the Seventh Column in this forum and anything other than input on improving it will result in a short time blacklisting from The Septagon.[/color] I think that would really cut down on all of the locked threads and make the Septagon a place where mods can take a rest. :-P [Edited on 5/19/2004 9:09:18 AM]

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