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10/4/2007 2:34:12 AM

A Floodian Dictionary *Compiled*

So from the 6 or so pages of the floodian dictioanry, I took *most* of the definitions and decided to compile them into a single post. Of course, to get the real feeling of the original dictionary, read it [url=]here[/url], or just wait for a few posts in this thread, as it will eventually fall down the same path of people getting off topic with the help of Sniper McGee, Mr Secksy Man, Pillage, and some other people (I blame Stosh) but anyway, on to the definitions: [b]Stosh[/b] - An old forum mod who used to run around in flowers alot. He is to be blamed for nearly all bad things. [b]Mabian[/b] - The voice of reason in the Flood. Smarter than you, and your mom, Mabian attempts to shed some light on crippling subjects such as the universe and time. [b]LMAOROFLBBQCOPTER[/b] {flies away} [b]Spam[/b]-The official food of The Flood. [b]Logic[/b]- overrated nonsense. [b]Old[/b] - What everything is that has been in existance for more than 12 seconds. [b]/Thread[/b]- I just super pwned you so end the thread now. [b]Intelligence[/b]: LIEK WTF HOO NEEADS IT NYWAYZZ LUJLZ [b]Ninja[/b] - An ancient type of mod that have long since abandoned The Flood and left it in a state of marshal law. [b]Ghandi 2[/b]- Person that tried to control the flood, but failed and now is nowhere to be found. [b]Epic Win[/b] - What the Flood deserves for finally breaking Ghandi [b]-blam!-[/b] - What you'll see if you have a dirty mouth [b]phail[/b] - said after somebody had done or said something stupid. Commonly overused [b]Butt plug[/b]-To avoid surprise butt secks, please keep one of these handy. [b]Cookie[/b] - Also spelled cukee, this gracious gift means you did a good thing, so you get a treat. Either that or it means you did a bad thing, and that cookie had aids in it. [b]flaming[/b]-it is the only sport we specialize in [b]Grammar[/b]- Rarely seen in other forums, maybe not at all in the infamous Halo 3 forum, it's seen more frequently here, and appears more often in Mabian's posts, as his intelligenc-nence radiates off him. [b]Disembodied Soul[/b] - A series of idle threats that resides in a series of tubes. [b]"Post Something Nice About A User" threads[/b]: Usually spiral out of control and end up being extremely off-topic or negative. Occasionally bumped. [b]Changing the subject line[/b] - something every Floodian has a duty to do' [b]Sniper McGee[/b]--a Flood regular who likes all things silly and fun; he is very smart and likes to joke around alot. [b]Milk[/b]: A bad choice. [b]Floodian[/b]: something that apparently doesn’t exist yet exists at the same time in the same place, yet one is created for every post on “the flood” [b]Pillage[/b]: "<3" [b]LlamaLvrwinkwink[/b] another so-called floodian who likes to unveil my evil plan to the rest of the world, even if he contributes to it in the process. (see above) [b]Zing[/b]: an insult [b]Camouflage[/b]- A floodian who know almost EVERY weapon that is used in warfare, went to West Point, did a "Blackburn", and is a 2nd Lieutenant. [b]Captain Richards[/b]-An 11 year old male member who is obsessed with Cortaan and thinks she is hot.He is known on for his attraction toward Cortana. [b]th4m4dblimp3e[/b]-A member of the group who is a police officer and your all around good guy.He is also an expert on firearms [b]Emo kid[/b]: A kid that posts threads about bad things that happened to him or blog posts about how he hates his life and why [b]quote pyramid[/b]- what happens when something reaches critical mass on the flood [Edited on 10.04.2007 6:32 PM PDT]
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