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9/23/2007 1:34:36 AM

Reploid Chronicals: Part 3.

Hey, if you actually read the whole thing, then you'll get to see some action. Because you didn't for the last one, you missed out. Tough luck. * * * All SD Units were waiting in line to recieve their new upgrades. Metal's turn was up soon. Before he could go... "Hey, buddy. Do you want my upgrade?" Offered Charn. Metal gave him a puzzled look. "Well, I think you should have it. You did great today, and I didn't do as well as-" Metal cut him off. "No, you should have it. It [i]is[/i] your upgrade. You keep it." Charn finished his turn. Metal took his place at the terminal, and proceeded to view what upgrades were available. first he checked what upgrades he had for his Saber. He could choose to give his Saber a new form, or could change it into a new weapon altogether. He decided to change it's form though. The forms that were available durastically changed the Saber's properties, and also the shape and size. The "Active Saber" would allow him many new abilities without sacrificing any mobility, being able to perform slash combos while moving, and allowing him to perform rolling slash maneuvers.. He would also obtain the ability to launch waves of energy from his Saber, that could travel along the ground of through the air. The default attack power, however, would decrease, but would be compensated for with a faster and more powerful charge attack. He decided to take it. Metal also had the opportunity to choose a Sub-Weapon. Available at this level were the Bustershot Gun and Shield. The Shield is an excellent weapon for defense, but it reduced mobility. The Bustershot is very well rounded, however, and allows for ranged attack. The Bustershot was chosen, and now rested at Metal's waist. Next was to choose an elemental chip. There were three, each possesing their own abilities and strengths: Thunder has passive effects--if an enemy nears one of his comrades, then the effect will pass on to them. However, it can easily backfire. It does double damage against Fire, but is weak against Ice. Fire does splash damage and sets enemies aflare. The burning effect will not work under extream cold. Later upgrades will allow for the use of bombs and other explosives. Double damage against Ice, weak against Thunder. Ice can freeze enemies for periods of time, but does not work under extream heat. Double damage against Thunder, weak against Fire. After some serious thinking, Metal decided to take the element of Thunder. Passive damage would provide useful for taking out multiple enemies. As he walked down the corridors to the rooms, a wall was blown appart. Human soldiers were thrown through the wall. Metal ran outside to confront the enemy, a destruction mechaniloid. It was gigantic. Flames spouted out from it's barrels at Metal. He dodged the slow moving threat with ease. He started to charge, and dodged another flame attack from the huge Irregular. Once charged, he took the Bustershot gun from his holster and let loose a powerful shot, infused with electricity. The shot hit in the front, and did hefty damage. The mech could not move for several seconds. Arken, Charn, Enker, Razor, and Tread came out to watch the battle. Metal took advantage of the situation and charged up. First, he released a Wave Saber attack along the ground, followed up by a charged Bustershot round. After firing, he started to dash forward, and then started a Rolling Saber slash. The Wave Saber attack penetrated the main hull of the giant enemy, and was internally damaged by the fully charged Bustershot round. Following up was Metal, who [i]cut through the whole mechaniloid--straight through the middle.[/i] The two halves short-circuited, which caused the Maverick to explode. A small part flew into the air and planted itself into the ground next to Metal. Metal picked up what happened to be the mech's Flame Chip. This meant that Metal now had two elements at his disposal... Tread looked at Arken with astonishment. "This guy is just too good. He's probably better than all of us SDs." "He's not that tough." replied Enker, who's ego was probably damaged severely. Arken just stared at Metal. "He took down a mechaniloid--[i]single-handedly.[/i] His reflexes are very fast, and that Active Saber allows him to be [i]even faster.[/i] You guys forget that we are all equally matched, but he has a higher sense of courage than most of us." Arken kept staring as Metal picked up a soldier to take him inside. "First he took out three Flyers in mid-air--saving us all, and now he probably just saved half of the base. I don't know about you, but Metal is nobody you'd want to mess with." Metal walked past his teammates, and caught Arken staring at him. He just kept walking, and picked up the other two soldiers who were blown through the wall. * * * That's it, but just for now. There will be more exciting action to come, and if you missed it, you should check out Reploid Chronicals: Part 2. [Edited on 09.22.2007 5:35 PM PDT]
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