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9/18/2007 1:22:42 AM

Beneath the Flood Ch. 3 (Joint Story)

[quote][b]Co-Author's Note:[/b] Hello, reader. A time long ago, two forum writers decided to work together on a story. It was a minor success for both of them, a driving plot that combined both of their literary skills. The story carried on valiantly for two chapters, and then, vanished. Well, long ago was about four months ago, and the writers were Halifax and myself. This was the story. Beneath the Flood is finally back, and in regular working order. If you want to catch up on Chapters 1 and 2, visit the [url=]Flood Library.[/url] As always, from both Halifax and myself, we hope you enjoy the story. [i]-1521, Halifax[/i][/quote] Toast lifted his head groggily from the pillow he'd been resting on. A dull pain pulsed from the back of his head, accompanying the swirl of delirium that stirred in his distraught mind. [i]Where am I?[/i] He listened intently, not yet willing to open his eyes. Senses came through in leaps and bounds, the feel of the scratchy couch, the pillow he laid on, the smell of sweet herbs – no, make that tea. [i]Really, where am I?[/i] The sound of feet sliding across carpet approached him, and Toast braced for the worst. "You're finally awake." Toast's eyes fluttered open weakly. Looking up, the blurry form of a man came into view in front of him. Was that -? "Impurity? What are you doing here?" Toast simultaneously relaxed and tightened, his mind frantically trying to comprehend the situation. "Saving your life." Impurity replied with a smile. He stood up and strode back into his humble kitchen, taking a tea kettle off the stove. "You're welcome." He added he added briskly. No thanks had been given. "But…why?" Toast sat up on the couch, staring into the kitchen across the room. "Because I've been in your shoes." Impurity said; his back still to the stove. Toast laughed, "People liked you when you left." Impurity shook his head and crossed the room, handing Toast a cup of tea, "Not everyone. Not the Spammers. They were ruthless." Toast chuckled bitterly, "I'll bet. Then again, so were you." Impurity smiled, "As we were trained to be." He sat down opposite Toast and took a sip of his tea, "I'm curious though...why did you leave?" "I didn't...” Toast hesitated, not wanting to break the comfortable mood that had set in. “I was…kicked out." Impurity's eyes widened as he leaned in, "Really?" Toast saw Imp's hands clench around the cup and he shook his head, "You don't understand. The only thing I did was get a little bit too nosey." Impurity looked at him curiously, "What do you mean?" "I mean, there's more going on behind the Flood than you think." He leaned forward, clutching his cup and staring at Impurity intently, "Look, you saved my life, so in return I'll tell you my suspicion...if you want to hear it. It could be potentially dangerous for you." Impurity shrugged, sitting back into his chair, "Who am I going to tell?" Toast nodded, "Alright then. I believe that Achronos is hiding something...something big, beneath the Flood." "What is it?" A skeptical air tinted Impurity’s voice, but not enough to throw Toast off. "I don't know. I confided in a few Mods...and they turned me in. Nobody is allowed to question the system." Impurity looked at him thoughtfully, "If you knew something was up, why wouldn't they just kill you instead of letting you roam free?" Toast shrugged, "I don't know...maybe they expected the Floodians to take care of me." Impurity nodded slowly, "Maybe." "You don't believe me." Toast said matter-of-factly. "I don't know what to believe." Impurity said quietly. "I left simply because I couldn't stand being 'above' my friends...and I knew that I would never be able to ban someone I cared about. But I never suspected Achronos of treachery." "And what if I could prove it to you? What if I found what they were hiding?" Toast's eyes were bright now, searching Impurity's face with anticipation. "Do you know where to look?" Impurity asked. A grin broke out on Toast’s tired face, "I think I know where to start." Impurity looked at him for a long moment and stood up. Striding to the wall, he picked off his keys with a jingle. He turned to Toast with a smile and said quickly, "I'll drive." -------------------- Gaara watched them through the window as they spoke conspiratorially to each other. He wished he could hear what they were saying. He'd always liked Impurity and knew that there had to be a reason he would help Toast...but he couldn't think of anything to justify it. After everything Toast had done to the Forums, Gaara wanted the ex-Mod to recieve justice, but for some reason, Impurity was protecting him. Gaara jumped back around the alley as the two men stood to leave. He watched them get into Imp's dingy car and shook his head. [i]Something wasn't right here.[/i] He had to find out what was going on before he reported them to the Mods. He quickly jumped into his car and followed them.
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