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9/15/2007 5:38:51 PM

Reploid Chronicals: Part 2.

I'm too lazy to link to the first one, so use the search feature you lazy bafoon! XP Please note: this all takes place after the events of Mega Man Zero, and before the events of Mega Man ZX. And as a side note, I had Tang for the first time in around eight years. I forgot how f***ing awesome it is. XP * * * SD-96 rested easily in a capsule with the other 95 units. This was for recharge, and occured like sleep does for humans. They had "dreams." SD-96 was dreaming about the simple sensation of flying. Because none of the SD units actually had any real experience yet, they just had simple sensations for dreams. Nothing to reflect on upon rest... The wonderful sensation of flight ceased as all of the units were woken by wake-up call. Although he felt annoyed from being interupted from his dream, he felt excited--today they would pick "names" for themselves. They all piled into a room full of database terminals ([i]Author's note: somewhat like a computer, but built into the building[/i]) and started to search. The databases contained names from all sorts of humans and Reploids, and each SD unit would pick one they liked the most. SD-96 searched for Reploids that used the same Saber technology that he had chosen. Up came a couple of entries, though not many--it turns out that Saber technology was somewhat rare in the past: Zero Harpuia Leviathan Phantom Omega SD-96 didn't choose any of the names, because he didn't know which abilities he would develop with ([i]Author's note: Most of the Reploids here had different atributes like "elemental chips," which infused each one's attack with an element. This element had some individual atributes, but also held a strength and weakness[/i]), so he decided to make up his name. He did favor the musical names that the first Robot Masters were given. He decided that from now on, he would be known as Metal. ([i]Author's note: C'mon, I'm doing the best I can.[/i]) After choosing their names, the SD units were heading to the lounge room when an alarm sounded. Irregulars were attacking a major city. "All SD units are to report to briefing room where they will be divided into groups and sent out." a voice said over the intercom. The commander was in the briefing room, waiting for all the units to arrive. "There is a major scale Maverick attack taking place in quadrants 4 and 5. Your mission will be to eliminate all Maverick forces. The success of this mission heavily depends on your teamwork. We will be dividing you into groups of twelve. There will be eight teams, half of them will take care of quadrant 4, and the other half quadrant 5. After this mission, you will each recieve a weapon upgrade, a charge ability to all weapons, and an elemental chip. I know that all of you will do just fine out there. Get to the transervers and move out!" With that, they were all put into groups and sent out. Metal moved with his group to the transerver, and were transfered into a beam of information. The next thing they knew, they were in the city. They all started to develop a plan. Eventually, one came up with the best method: "The best way to carry out this mission is to take one fourth of the quadrant and keep our actions focused on that area. Once we are done with ours, we will help other units in the other areas of this quadrant. We have 3 Bustershot wielders, 3 with Shields, and 2 Sabermen. I think the best course of action is to stick to guerilla tactics. Those with Bustershot Guns will be leading. That's me, Charn, and Quint. When needed, Shieldmen will give cover for places without much cover, so stay close to Tread, Kayr, and Enker. Sabermen Metal and Razor, you should only attack in close quarters, or in places with close range fighters. Do not engage multiple enemies with Buster weaponry." said a Reploid named Arken. "Okay, first we'll cover the streets. I want all Shieldmen in front and back. Gunman will be with Shiledmen. Sabermen will cover our flanks and keep watch in the alleyways. Let's move out." With that, they left the transerver room and took to the streets. At first, there were no signs of the enemy. All there was to see was debris and the remains of Reploids, humans, Irregulars, and machines. They moved for around 5 minutes when... There was a crash, and before anyone knew it, Charn was unloading Bustershot fire at a Maverick that had jumped out of a window above their position. Charn destroyed it, but many followed after. Most of them were armed with Buster weaponry, but there were a few with Flypacks and Sabers. One of the Mavericks jumped into the center of their formation. He was going to try and attack by stabbing from above. Metal dodged out of the way and slashed at it's waist. The torso slid off from the legs, which fell after the torso. The two remaining Stabbers landed a couple of meters behind the sqaud. Quint and Arken disposed of them before they could even get within range. Enker threw his Shield at three Irregulars standing in a row, parallel to his position. He targeted them in order, and his Shield cut through each around the neck. The Shield returned to Enker, who spun a little because of the momentum of the Shield. Some of the Mavericks Gunners lined up into a V shape, and opened fire at the SD units. The three Shieldmen raised their Shields and blocked the fire, which in turn ricochetted back to the Mavericks. Their own fire destroyed themselves. The only Mavericks left there were the ones with Flypacks. They flew over the small squad, firing Buster rounds at them. The Gunmen started to open fire as well, while the Shieldmen blocked some of the Buster rounds. That's when Metal saw what they were doing. While two Flyers were attacking, the third one was preparing to fire a missile. He knew that missiles like that couldn't be refracted back with Shields, because they exploded on contact. It would do half the squad in! Metal knew that he was the only one who could stop it. He dashed ([i]Author's note: A Reploid's dash maneuver allows them to move very fast while being low to the ground, but only for short distances--however, they can be used in succesion.[/i]) toward a building, jumped up and wallkicked off it, up toward the Flyer with the missile. He raised his Saber above his head and slashed the Flyer in half, right down the middle. He ripped off it's Buster Gun, and took out the other two with it. He fell to the ground and landed, cracking the asphalt. The remains of the Flyers fell after him, landing in a heap around him. The rest of the squad just stood in awe at the feat that Metal had just performed. He turned around and looked at them. Arken slowly raised his communicator and called the other squads... After a short period, Arken turned around to his teammates. "Mission accomplished. Prepare to be returned to base...2...1..." And with that, they were transfered into a beam of information and were gone. * * * That's it for now. [Edited on 09.15.2007 9:40 AM PDT]
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