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9/14/2007 1:08:07 AM

Reploid Chronicals: Part 1.

This story is just based on some thoughts. Before you leave--Yes, it does relate to Mega Man, but no, it is a totally new concept based on Mega Man. Here we go... Milan came into the main office overlooking the plant. Gazing out the window was his boss, Rugin, a middle-aged man in his mid-50s. Milan knew that the boss had something important to talk to him about. "Boss, I came as fast as I could. What's up?" asked Milan puzzlingly. "Take a look kiddo. What do you see down there?" replied Rugin. Milan took a look out the window. Down there he saw a new series of Reploids, which were being inspected on by a couple of workers. "Huh? Oh, it's just the new series. Big deal." Milan said carelessly. "Heh...that's what they look like at a glance. But they are really a very unique series. They have independent traits, strengths, weaknesses, and their own minds. They aren't just any old tin bucket that does what programmed to. They develop on their own through personal experience. Through all of that, their combat styles are determined. But it's all on their own that it happens." said Yugin. "So they're like humans...but...what are they being built for?" asked Milan. "They're going to combat Irregulars. Mavericks. Rouges. They will do great things...all on their own..." * * * It woke up in a room. There were many others. All in some one door room. It had no idea where it was. Neither did any of the others. Whatever all of them were. The door suddenly parted open, and in came two soldiers. They came and took one of them away, through the doors. Minutes passed and that same one came back, augmented with armor and something at the side of his waist. A long time passed and one by one they took different ones through the door, and each came back augmented with identical equipment. But why? Finally, the men came through the door and took it through. They went through winding hallways and numerous doors, had to be identified by security, and finally it was put into another room, not much different then the one it had just been in...only it was alone. A voice boomed in the room. It understood what the voice was saying... "Hello. You probably don't know what's going on. Let us explain. You are a Reploid, fresh from the conveyor belts. Your purpose is for combat and combat alone. You will be fighting against the rouge units called 'Irregulars' or 'Mavericks.' Although you aren't a true living thing, your mind will develop as if you were. All we can say at this point is good luck." The voice disappeared and all of a sudden a hatch in the wall swung appart. Out came a Reploid that looked like it. Only this one was armed. It held out an object, like the one the others were toting at their sides. A burst of light fired out from the object and flew straight at it. It dodged. But why? For some reason this situation was farmiliar, yet it had never before experienced it. What is going on? It turned around to it's left, and saw another hatch opened. This one had different items resting upon a shelf. It ran toward the shelf and saw three items. One of them looked like one that another was carrying. Maybe it could use one of these to defend itself? It took the one in the middle. The one it picked was just a plain hilt. Would this help it? All of a sudden, it's vision filled with information. Characters that it understood. It read something in red characters: Saber. The hilt started to glow at the end. It held the hilt out and an eerie green light formed in the shape of a triangle appeared, as if out of nowhere. The enemy attacked again. There was no time to waste. It had to destroy it's enemy before the enemy did it. Somehow, it knew what to do with the weapon. It charged the enemy, dodging it's attacks, and swung the green blade through the enemy. The enemy froze in place, and it's top slid off from it's bottom, and exploded. The voice appeared again. Although this time it was a different one: "Well done. You did quite well. The weapon you have picked is a Saber. It is a powerful blade that can cut through most alloy. It has a short range, but those who are quick can make good use of it. According to this data, you are unit SD-96, the last one to take our little test. All I can tell you right now is that there will be more. Much more." The voice disappeared, and the same two men came to escort SD-96 out of the room. Eventually, he too was augmented with armor, and joined everyone else in the first room. * * * That's it for now. I've decided to call this one "Reploid Chronicals." And there will be more. Much more. XP [Edited on 09.13.2007 5:31 PM PDT]
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