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9/4/2007 11:41:01 PM

The Remake of the old guide

Okay, I made a " Old Guide thread earlier. I am making it again, but with some improvements... You may notice some changes, additions, and whatnot. This is a guide to all the old media, pictures or old news that has already appeared too many times. This is a guide that you should read before posting something that is old. I will kindly accept anything that you too think is old and should stop being posted here. This is for new people to know what should not be posted. These are no way bad, they are just posted too much. I actually suggest that you check them out. If you see a broken link, please report it to me immediately via PM. This guide may look small so far, but I will accept anything that you think should be added. Guide starts here: (Note: they are alphabetized and are in no way worse than any other thing) [b][u]Appropriate for all section:[/u][/b] [u]Games:[/u] [url=]3D Missile Game[/url] [b]E[/b] [url=]Crazy cube (or also known as logic cube in some cases)[/url] [b]E[/b] [url=]Click Click Click![/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]E[/b] [url=]Desktop Tower Defense[/url] - contains some action [b]E10+[/b] [url=]Double Wires[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]E[/b] [url=]Falling Sand[/url] - contains explosions [u]* * *[/u] [b]E[/b] [url=]Halo Slayer (may take a while to load)[/url] - contains violence, and blood [u]* * *[/u] [b]T[/b] [url=]Line Rider[/url] [b]E[/b] [url=]Tower Defense[/url] -contains some action [b]E[/b] [url=]Winter Bells[/url] [b]E[/b] ____________________________________________________ [u]Videos:[/u] [url=]Block Head episode 10[/url] - Contains small language and violence [b]PG[/b] [url=]Daft Hands[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Fast Food Freestyle[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Forehead Shavecut[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]Glory of Halo[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Guy Misses first question on "Who wants to be a millionaire!"[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Halo 3: Can't finish the fight[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Jokes with Einstein 6[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Jokes with Einstein 7[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Llama Song[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Stuck in the Drive-Thru[/url] [u]* * *[/u] - some disgusting stuff [b]G[/b] [url=]Super Mario on Piano[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Urban Ninja[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Waffles[/url] [u]* * *[/u][b]G[/b] [url=]Why Macs Suck (Clean Version)[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] ____________________________________________________ [u]Pictures:[/u] [url=]404 Error[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Bunny with A Pancake on its head[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Don't worry sir, I'm from the internet![/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Fat People[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Fluffy[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Guy in Log[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]I has a bucket[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]I survived anorexia[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]In before the Lock[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Kitchen 8[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Peter Griffin Flag[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Sup[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [url=]The last page of the Internet[/url] [u]* * * [/u] ____________________________________________________ [u]Other:[/u] [url=]You Fail[/url] [u]* * *[/u] ____________________________________________________ [b][u]Appropriate for most people, but viewer discretion is advised:[/b][/u] [u]Games[/u] [url=]Alien Hominid[/url] - Contains some inappropriate content [u]* * *[/u] [b]T[/b] [url=]Crimsonland[/url] - Contains fighting violence and blood and gore. [u]* * *[/u] [b]RP[/b] [url=]The Last Stand[/url] - Contains Excessive Violence, and explicit text, horror scenes, and gore [u]* * *[/u] [b]M[/b] [url= arena]Stick Arena[/url] - Contains lots of action violence [b]T[/b] ____________________________________________________ [u]Videos[/u] [url=]AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs[/url] - Contains some inappropriate graphics [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]Chuck Norris Jokes read by Chuck Norris[/url] - Contains some Language [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]Funny Car Commercial[/url] - Contains lots of severe language and objectional things. [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG - 13[/b] [url=]Furby in A Microwave[/url] - Contains a furby on fire [u]* * *[/u] [b]G[/b] [url=]Halo 2 Music Video to Blow me Away[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]Halo 3 Hoedown[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]Haloid[/url] - Contains a lot of action, violence, blood, gore, and some graphics [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]Hax War[/url] - Contains severe language, and some graphics [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG-13[/b] [url=]HMV He[ck][/url] - Title contains some language, and some killing in video[u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]Internet Commenter Business Meeting[/url] - Contains severe language and themes [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG-13[/b] [url=]Long Cat[/url] - Contains severe language, graphics, blood, gore, and inappropriate scenes [u]* * *[/u] [b]R[/b] [url=]Ultimate Showdown[/url] [u]* * *[/u] [b]PG[/b] [url=]You are a Pirate[/url] - Contains some very suggestive themes and some inappropriate scenes [u]* * *[/u] [b]R[/b] ____________________________________________________ [u]Pictures[/u] [url=]Santa stinks[/url] - Contains severe language [u]* * *[/u] [url=]This is Sparta Chop[/url] - Contains some blood, gore, and violence [u]* * *[/u] [url=]All the pictures here[/url] - Contains some language, and inappropriate scenes [u]* * *[/u] ____________________________________________________ [u]Other:[/u] [url=]Dane Cook[/url] - Contains severe language, and some inappropriate themes and graphics [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Objection![/url] - May contain some language if you hit the random Objection button. [u]* * *[/u] [url=]Roflcat[/url] - contains some, but very few inappropriate pics. [u]* * *[/u] Rick Roll, absolutely horrible. Please stop posting it. ____________________________________________________ For this guide, if you see a "-" after it, then that means that it has some things that not all might approve of. If you choose to watch something in the inappropriate section, be advised it may not contain all good stuff. Please, viewer discretion advised. Also, if you see a "[u]*[/u]" after a video, that is how well it is rated. The starts are 3/5 by default, but they can be raised or lowered depending on what you think. Please rate the things. [u][b]People who contributed in helping with this guide in one way or another:[/u][/b] *[b]Sniper McGee[/b*] - awarded for helping the guide so much... Deserves a cookie. Cactus Jack 12 I Hypersnipe I NAMNAGORT3 I run with mp7a1 halo2mnky Spike588 FightingRaven531 GezaB thcismymc420 Spartan004 fastmatt Stare3 Master Gus someone Shaverdian If you see any spelling errors, broken links, or any other problems, please PM me, or post them. And also, post suggestions to other old things please. Also, rate the things on here. I can give them ranks for how good they are. Also, please keep this thread alive. This may be useful to some people who are new to the forums, and it is a great place for good stuff. [Edited on 10.28.2007 8:18 AM PDT]
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