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8/11/2007 8:15:02 PM

Flood FAQ (use this!)

[i][b][u] IF YOU WANT SOMETHING ADDED PM ME[/i][/b][/u] [i][b][u] CA=Camo's Answer (not all have CA's)[/i][/b][/u] [i][b][u]Redphoenix helped alot[/i][/u][/b] IF YOU WANT SOMETHING ADDED PM ME CA=Camo's Answer (not all have CA's) Red phoenix helped a lot [b]Q[/b] How many Halo books are their? [b]A[/b]There are four novels; Halo: Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, Halo: First Strike, Halo: Ghosts of Onyx - another coming out in October of 2007; Halo: Contact Harvest - The Halo Graphic Novel, and a comic called Halo: Uprising. [b]CA[/b] Get everything, but Halo: The Flood [b]Q[/b] What Halo3 Edition did you order? [b]A[/b]Ask this in the Halo3 forum. [b]CA[/b] Limited Edition for most due to Legendary is a waste of money. [b]Q[/b] What is the Septagon I keep herring about? [b]A[/b] Where you can talk to Bungie staff about bugs on the site. [b]CA[/b]Where you point out flaws in the website.........tattletale........ [b]Q[/b] How do I get to be a mod? [b]A[/b]Link 1 and Link 2. [b]CA[/b] After your beaten with a wet noodle for along time, and in the closet with Frankie for 24 hrs, just don’t ask on the forums or PMs. [b]Q[/b] How do I get a Custom Avatar? [b]A[/b] Only Bungie employees and staff members are permitted to use custom avatars. However, if you impress us with a 7th Column theme or avatar then we may permit you to have a custom avatar. [b]CA[/b] Become a mod, gets a job at Bungie, or contributes something big and special to the community. [b]Q[/b] Why does everyone hate me in a flood? [b]A[/b] Because the Flood is filled with jerks. It's usually not you, unless, of course, you posted something stupid. [b]CA[/b]Cause you posted something stupid and a few Morons are lying out of their cage. [b]Q[/b]What is "flaming"? [b]A[/b] Flaming is basically insulting someone or his mother because the person disagrees with someone else. [b]CA[/b] Where you get cursed at. [b]Q[/b] How do I link? [b]A[/b]Thanks to Achronos we got one below the post box. If that's not detailed enough and you're still confused, you can find another version with explanations here. [b]CA[/b] Thanks to Achronos we got one below the post box. [b]Q[/b] What are fan boys? [b]A[/b] Someone who refuses to accept someone else's opinion and believes that their opinion is fact. Around here, it's mostly 360 and Wii fan boys' [b]CA[/b] Someone who likes one particular thing...most are 360 and Wii fan boys here in the flood. [b]Q[/b] How do I get respect [b]A[/b]Beat Yoozel / Webmaster / or Ada Astra in a drinking contest. [b]Q[/b]What are the Prices for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii? [b]A[/b] Xbox Premium-$349.99 as of August 8th, Xbox Elite-449.99 as of August 8th, PS3 60 GB-499.99 as of July, PS3 80GB *new*-$599.99, Wii-$249.99. [b]Q[/b] What’s a Halo3 Xbox360? [b]A[/b] A colored Xbox360 Premium. [b]Q[/b] Is RvB over? [b]A[/b] No, just check out [b]CA[/b] If I hear that one more time I am kill someone, no just check out [b]Q[/b] Why can’t I post a blog? [b]A[/b] Cause this is a off topic forum not a Personal Life forum. [b]Q[/b] I see a Red sign over the monkey head of Bungie, what does that mean? [b]A[/b] It was locked by a mod for violating the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use. [b]CA[/b] It was locked by a mod for many reasons 1.Idiotness 2. stuff for over 18+3.fanboyism 4.perversion. [b]Q[/b] What’s the flame mean on the sidebar [b]A[/b] A thread with over 50 replies and a "green plus" is a thread that has been posted in within the last 30 minutes. [b]Q[/b] Cake or Pie? /Coke or Pepsi?/Master Chief Vs _______?/ [b]A[/b] Don’t know, don’t care, if you post a poll like that it will be spam I guarantee. [b]Q[/b] I think I'm emo how do I tell? [b]A[/b] Uh, we got a thing called Google and Wikipedia. [b]Q[/b] Favorite type of music? [b]A[/b] I got blacklisted for that; it is just a matter of freaking opinion. [b]Q[/b] What is Blacklisted? [b]A[/b] When blacklisted by a Forum Ninja, you will not be able to post to the forums or create new threads. The length of a blacklisting is dependent upon the severity of the rule violation. If you're permanently blacklisted, you will never return. Ever [b]CA[/b] Its where your banned from the Group of Public forurms for either 7days or until date is expired [b]Q[/b] How Can i pickup girls? [b]A[/b] Warning! Do not ask the flood this, just be you. [b]Q[/b] How Do you want to die? [b]A[/b] It depends on the person, usually ends up flamed or turning religious. [b]Q[/b] What’s a Rick roll? [b]A[/b] A spam that a person uses from a Rick Astley song, it real annoying when people post it and you will get banned for it. [b]Q[/b] What is Epic Phail? [b]A[/b]When someone does something stupid, just say it but spell it right [b]Q[/b] Group adverting on the forum ok? [b]A[/b] no all group adverts belong in The Classifieds.[/quote] [b]CA[/b] No and it's very annoying. [b]Q[/b] What is spamming and trolling? [b]A[/b]Spamming is where you post useless things in a thread and a troll is someone who intentionally posts messages about sensitive topics constructed to cause controversy in an online community. [b]Q[/b] What is Elitism? [b]A[/b] A useless way of speaking English, use it and you look stupid. [b]Q[/b] Can I post screamers? [b]A[/b] No, I will hurt you, people will flame you, and the mods will lock it. [b]Q[/b] What happens if I post spoilers? [b]A[/b] I hope you like a shiny red lock on your thread. [b]Q[/b] Why is everyone here in the Halo 3 forum so mean? [b]A[/b] Cause you pissed of a bunch of fan boys. [b]Q[/b] Is it ok if I send group invited via PM? [b]A[/b]Yes, but people Flame you over PM. [b]Q[/b] What is the best way to post? [b]A[/b] There is no definite way to post, but don't make rushed posts that have only one line, and try not to flame unless really necessary. [b]Q[/b] How can I get out of being Perm-banned? [b]A[/b] Appeal to the mods. Ask them if there is some way that you can get out of it. [b]Q[/b] What is a shock site? [b]A[/b] A site intended to scare, startle, disturb, or scar you for life with a picture or video of something disgusting [b]Q[/b] I got red rings of death what do I do? [b]A[/b] Same thing everyone else does, call Microsoft [b]Q[/b] Why is Monty PYthon so mean? [b]A[/b] Because you're an idiot and he's not. Stop being an idiot and he'll be nice. [b]Q[/b] Most important rule? [b]A[/b] Blame Stosh. [b][i]*note i will post more in the future*[/i][/b] [Edited on 11.27.2007 3:52 PM PST]
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