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8/5/2007 10:50:58 AM

Marathon 2: Durandal Video walkthrough-ish thingy [COMPLETED]

Well, the old adage goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I was thinking about doing some movies of Durandal to help people out. So how much is a movie worth? Recon's mum says hers are worth $19.99 for each vid with a option to cancel at any time. I think I'll make my walk through vids for free... Alright, I know that Durandal can be a little confusing sometimes, and it's easy to get lost amongst the bright shiny Marathon goodness. So while I was playing today, I took the time to record everything. Typically the vids only show the quickest ways to get through the levels. They are by NO means complete walk-throughs. However, if you happen to get stuck on a certain part, come to this thread and download the chapter you need help with and maybe you'll find what you need. **WARNING** **WARNING** **WARNING** The videos you are about to download contain large amounts of WIN, you've been warned! [u]1st Half:[/u] [URL=]M2:D Level 1 Chapter 1 (Waterloo Waterpark)[/URL] Updated 9/3/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 1 Chapter 2 (Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune)[/URL] Updated 9/3/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 1 Chapter 3 (Charon Doesn't make Change)[/URL] Updated 9/3/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 2 Chapter 1 (What about Bob?)[/URL] Updated 9/3/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 2 Chapter 2 (Come and take your Medicine)[/URL] Updated 9/3/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 2 Chapter 3 (We're Everywhere)[/URL] Updated 3/28/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 3 Chapter 1 (Ex Cathedra) [/URL] Updated 3/28/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 3 Chapter 2 (Nuke and Pave)[/URL] Updated 3/28/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 3 Chapter 3 (Curiouser and Curiouser)[/URL] Updated 3/28/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 4 Chapter 1 (Eat it, Vid Boi!)[/URL] Updated 4/01/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 4 Chapter 2 (The Hard Stuff Rules!)[/URL] Updated 4/01/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 4 Chapter 3 (Bob's Big Date)[/URL] Updated 4/01/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 4 Chapter 4 (6000 Feet Under)[/URL] Updated 4/01/08 [URL=]M2:D Level 5 Chapter 1 (If I had a Rocket Launcher, I'd make Someone Pay!)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 5 Chapter 2 (Sorry Don't Make it So)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 5 Chapter 3 (For Carnage, Apply Within)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 5 Chapter 4 (Begging for Mercy Makes me Angry!!)[/URL] [u]2nd Half:[/u] **Note** I'm not showing "The Big House"...if you can't figure out how to pick the lock, I'm not helping you! O.o [URL=]M2:D Level 6 Chapter 1 (This Side Towards Enemy)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 6 Chapter 2 (God will Sort the Dead)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 6 Chapter 3 (My Own Personal Thermopylae)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 6 Chapter 4 (Kill Your Television)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 7 Chapter 1 (Where the Twist Flops)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 7 Chapter 2 (Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 7 Chapter 3 (Requiem for a Cyborg)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 8 Chapter 1 (Fatum Iustum Stultorum)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 8 Chapter 2 (Feel the Noise)[/URL] [URL=]M2:D Level 8 Chapter 3 (All Roads Lead to Sol)[/URL] [b][i][u]SUPER HUGE STUPENDOUS UPDATED!!! Well as some of you may know that Mythica, the site I was using to host these videos went down a few months ago. So while I was at PAX this past weekend I ran into Louis Wu of Halo.Bungie.Org fame and asked about if he was able to salvage them before Mythica went under. He said he did, and so here they are!!! All links should work 100% fine now. If you get a problem, feel free to post in the thread and I'll see what's going on. I downloaded the 1st and Last vid and both worked fine so I'm hoping the rest are the same.[/b][/i][/u] "You don't think I'm sarcastic, do you? Nevermind." ~B.B. [Edited on 09.03.2008 12:23 PM PDT]

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