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7/31/2007 7:14:27 PM

Choose your own adventure! (For the last time)

Alright, the votes are in and the final "Choose your own adventure" will be a sci-fi story. Before we start, I have to lay down the rules for you guys. 1. After I finish writing a section, I will leave you with several choices. Pick one choice and respond as quickly as you can with that choice. The first response I receive is the one I'll use. Choose wisely. This story can end very quickly if you make the wrong choice. 2. Try and understand that I might not be able to continually post sections as I do have a busy life. With that said, I don't care if you discuss what happens, just make sure that when I do come back, I don't see fifteen posts saying, "First choice" or "Kill him off!" Remember, the first response is the one I'll use. 3. I am going to use names of Bungie members based on who posts in this thread...this is the first time I've done this so don't make me regret it by acting like a dick. And don't request to be in the story! Remember, the only reason you should respond is if you want to discuss the story or tell me what choice you'll make. And those are the rules. Pretty simple right? Good, so let's get started. ---------------------- Squirrel Dude stared blissfully out the window of his spaceship as he floated toward the moon. He loved flying. He had been a pilot for most of his adult life and still couldn't get enough of seeing Earth spinning slowly beneath him. A message appeared on his screen. His wife was trying to call him. He quickly opened the comm link and said happily, "Hey babe, what's up? How's our baby?" "She's fine. When are you going to come see her?" "I'm on my way right now." Squirrel Dude replied. He looked up and saw another ship cross in front of him. He didn't recognize this ship which was odd. He thought he knew all the different types of ships. "Honey, I've gotta go." He said quickly. Something didn't feel right. "Be safe." He turned to the control panel and attempted to hail the ship. No answer. Squirrel Dude shook his head, "Computer," he said loudly, "Identify ship." "Unknown classification." Came the computer's response. The ship came to a stop directly ahead of Squirrel Dude's own vessel and he quickly grabbed the controls and turned his ship before they collided. As he passed the strange ship, he saw an opening in the bottom and a small object appeared. The tip of the object started glowing and suddenly a large beam launched from the ship to the moon surface. Squirrel Dude watched in horror as a large explosion filled his vision. When the smoke faded, he saw a charred crater in place of what had once been smooth ground. Several objects jettisoned from the ship and entered the moon's atmosphere. Squirrel Dude had a feeling these were transport ships. He switched his view so that he could see what was going on behind him and watched in horror as dozens of ships surrounded earth, each sending off a similar beam and then quickly launching several pods to the planet's surface. He weighed his options carefully, not knowing whether his wife was alive or if he could do anything to help defend his planet from these intruders. [i]1. Go to the moon's surface and look for his wife. 2. Attempt to board the alien ship. 3. Go to Earth's surface and help defend the planet.[/i]
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