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7/10/2007 6:29:46 PM

Moderator Finder + uStalk: Back online!

Moderator Finder and uStalk v1.2 The original Moderator Finder was written by kd5shw The new uStalk and Moderator Finder are written by jmh9072 and Firebird347 [b]STATUS: Moderator Finder: [url=]Online![/url] uStalker: [url=]Online![/url] MIRRORS: Gronfors's Mirror: [url=]Online![/url][/b] [url=]Greasemonkey Script v1.1-r50[/url] [u][b]What is it/How does it work?[/b][/u] This program finds each moderator's last post time and enters it into a database. Whenever a person accesses the site, a list is shown, organized by the last time a moderator has posted. The list is updated no more frequently than every 30 minutes. [u][b]Source Code[/b][/u] The source code for uStalk can be found on [url=]Google Code![/url] :) Feel free to play around with it and patches are very welcome if you have anything you'd like to add. The code is licensed under the New BSD License. If you use it or parts of it in another project, please give credit to the authors. At the time of this writing, the authors are jmh9072 and Firebird347. EDIT: Through the power of google, I have recovered the original post by kd5shw: [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] kd5shw Thanks to jmh9072 for hosting the site. The new modwatch can be found at [url][/url] [hr] The question has been brought up a lot. How do I report spam. Several answers are given. (gmail, irc, msn, pms) Each method has its own pros and cons, but the question that always comes up about the pm solution is how do I tell which moderator is online. Now we have an answer. I've given out this answer a couple times in the individual threads, but the threads keep popping up. So I've decided that I should create a thread about it so more people can see it. First a link: [url][/url] [u]So what is it?[/u] It is a list of moderators sorted, using a program I wrote, so that the last moderator to sign on is listed first. In the same row as the listed moderator is the time they last had activity on bnet. This time is the time that bnet servers use. I believe that is UTC -8, but I could be wrong. [u]How do I use it?[/u] I'll give an example. Say you see spam on bnet. Go to the site I linked above. Any mod that is on in the last 5 minutes(this isn't an exact figure use your judgement) can be considered 'online'. Then click on the avatar of the mod is online. This will bring you to the profille. Click on message user and send the message you want. If more than one moderator is online you can message them too by going back and clicking their avatar. Sending to more than one increases the chance of action being taken. [u]How well does it work?[/u] It works about as well as the online indicators on forums. I don't have access to the what sessions have been ended by logging out so there is some delay there compared to something that would be built into the site. [u]How did you do it?[/u] I wrote a program that downloads the moderator profiles and looks at the time stamp on the page. The program then does a sort on the list of moderators. If you want the source or the executable/batch files so you can run a local mirror or just so you can follow the code here is a link to the source/executables. [url][/url] Note that it uses information available to everyone on bnet. It just organizes the information.[/quote] NOTE: KD5's post was not edited at all in the interest of preserving his thread, and it should be noted that his original links no longer work. Also, some changes have been made since the New Hawtness that makes some of the information he wrote outdated. Currently, the program uses the date and time that the moderators last posted instead of the date and time they last loaded a page because the "Last Login" times are no longer shown in profiles. Any mod that has posted in the last 30 minutes can be considered online. It would be best to PM the ones that have posted fairly recently. [Edited on 07.04.2012 1:55 PM PDT]

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