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7/9/2007 5:56:49 AM

The Flood History Collection!

After all what's happened tonight, I think it's a great time to post the Flood History Collection here again(it was posted back in January or February). It's been updated, but I need more submissions about events! Anyway, here it is: The Flood: A History of Events Kitchen 8: January 26, 2007-Feb. 3rd, 2007 On Jan. 26, 2007, a user asked the Flood to help vote in a contest to win a kitchen makeover for his relatives, and after a few hours, huge amounts of Floodians poured in to vote, and once in 2nd or 3rd place, Kitchen 8(8 coming from the 8th kitchen choice) was now in first place by 200+ votes. A day later, the kitchen was made a huge phenomenon, the Floodians even made groups to worship the kitchen, and Kitchen 8 was now made the Flood’s official kitchen. However, some people were against it. On the contest’s comment page, regular people voting whined about the Flood being “hackers” and “12 year olds with no lives.” One floodian set up a group to go against k8, and support k7 (2nd place kitchen currently). However, the group was a failure, only getting 6 members. On January 31, the contest closed, with k8 in 1st place. As of Feb. 3rd, the Kitchen has Officially won the contest. Flood-Zanzibar War Summer ‘05-May ‘06 In the summer of 2005, Zanzibarbarians started attacking the Flood by flaming and spamming, resulting in a full-out flame war. Floodians starting flaming and spamming Zanzibar as well, and late in 05, the Floodians halted the flaming and spamming, resulting in the victory of the Zanzibarbarians. But in the late spring of ‘06, the Floodians technically won, because Zanzibar was deleted to make room for the Halo 3 forum, and merged with New Mombasa, starting a rivalry between New Mombasa. One Day War Mid-August 2006 A thread in late summer ’06 said that the Moderators created a thread in their super-secret group, HCFS, called “We will attack at dawn…leave no Floodian standing.” However, the contents of the thread is unknown, because any regular member who even attempts to join the group will be in some pretty big trouble, or so says the group’s motto. Anyway, the Floodians decided to be prepared for an attack from the mods(For mods, forum attacking is the act of locking threads for no apparent reason). Unfortunately, the next day, the thread was locked by one moderator whom I will not tell for the sake of my own profile’s safety. It is unknown if the moderators really were planning a surprise attack, but stopped because the Floodians found out, or if they to this day are still planning for a surprise attack on The Flood. The H3 Battles May ’06-November ‘06 The fall of Zanzibar wasn’t exactly good. A rival had finally been defeated, but it started a new rival: The Halo 3 forum. As soon as the forum was released, the H3 Fanboys started spamming the Flood with their theories and ideas for H3. In response, the Floodians flamed these members who spammed. The Fanboys started to stop spamming in October ’06, but started back up again in November ’06. This time, Floodians started to spam the H3 Forum with very stupid ideas, to see how the fanboys would act in response. Since November, the battles have halted. The Incident Around 12:20 A.M-12:30 A.M EST, July 9, 2007 Near 12:20 A.M EST, July 9, 2007, an unknown person started locking all threads on the front page of The Flood. All hell broke loose. Several people who started threads about the incident were blacklisted. A few of those blacklisted were some of the Flood’s well-known users. In fact, even moderators were being banned. People were making threads asking for their thread to be stickied, which actually, ended up being stickied, but were quickly taken down. About 10 or so minutes later, the chaos finally stopped. UPDATE, As of 12:45 A.M EST, July 9, 2007: The hacker was supposedly on a moderator account, which the name I will not tell of. Moderator Accounts have been restored, and people will be looking into the problem on the morning of July 9, 2007 EST. If banned accounts will be un-banned is unknown, but likely. [url=¤t=TheFloodIncident.jpg]Screenshot of the forum shortly after "The Incident."[/url] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to post comments, ideas for improvement, and suggestions for new entries here! [Edited on 07.09.2007 7:40 AM PDT]
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