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6/22/2007 10:35:20 PM

Seven: Chapter 13

Yoozel watched Achronos work on Banshee for a few minutes and then turned away in disgust. He saw Ash standing there, staring at him. "We have to do this." Yoozel nodded, "I know. But that doesn't mean I have to like it." Ash nodded, "I hope you don't...I just want to make sure you understand what made you a Master Moderator." "I know my place." Yoozel said fiercely. Ash smiled, "Of course you do. But I know you want more." Yoozel grunted, "Who doesn't?" Ash came in close, glancing at Achronos to make sure he couldn't hear. He needn't have worried. Banshee's screams drowned out everything they were saying. "You deserve more power." He said quietly. Yoozel peered at him closely, "What are you saying?" Ash stepped back, "The less you know, the better." An explosion outside the thread rocked the men off their feet. "What's this?" Yoozel shouted, "Another attack?" "It must be Caspian!" Achronos yelled back, "Coming to rescue his friend. It looks like we may not need Banshee after all." ------------------------ Halifax looked at Obbi in surprise, "Where did you get a rocket launcher?" Obbi shrugged and said with a smile, "It's amazing what you can find in the wastes of ban-land." "Apparently." Halifax muttered. "Now what?" "He knows why we're here." Obbi replied, "You do your job while I do mine." Halifax nodded, "Right." He dashed off to the side, crawling up a ladder to the roof of a building adjacent to the "Welcome" thread. Obbi watched as several mods stepped out of the thread, followed by Achronos. Achronos had his arm wrapped around Banshee's neck and glared at Obbi, "What are you doing here Emma? I didn't think you were affiliated with Banshee." Obbi smiled, "I'm not, but I have an agreement with his friend." "Caspian couldn't come himself?" Obbi shrugged, "Caspian's whereabouts and motives are the least of your concerns right now. You see, I have one more rocket and your Mods are the only thing standing between me and Banshee." Achronos nodded, "But if you fire, you run the risk of killing Banshee along with the rest of us." Obbi smiled, "That's right. So what you need to think about is this: Will I be more willing to kill all of you and save the Flood, or run the risk of getting killed and letting Banshee die anyway?" Achronos glared at Obbi, "For being a new member, you sure seem..." "Intelligent? Opinionated?" "Something like that." Achronos glanced around curiously, "Where's Halifax?" Obbi shrugged, "He's around. Now give me Banshee." "You give me the weapon and I'll give you Banshee." Obbi laughed, "That's an interesting idea." "If I hand Banshee over right now, then what's to stop you from blowing me up anyway?" Obbi nodded, "I suppose you're right. You send him over with a Mod and I'll hand the Mod my weapon." Achronos' eyes brightened, "Alright, we have a deal. Yoozel, escort Banshee Barron to 'Emma' please." He said the name with scorn. Obbi peered closely at Achronos and then said, "I'm going to kill you." Achronos smiled, "I'm going to find out who you really are, and I'm going to kill you, and everyone you know." Obbi chuckled, "That won't take long. Most of them are already dead." Yoozel stepped close to Emma and held out his hand. As the rocket launcher landed in his hand, he said quietly, "I don't like liars. You're going to pay for what you've done." Obbi stared at him, unflinching, "When I meet you at judgment day, I'll take comfort in knowing that my little lie saved lives, while your big lie destroyed a Forum." With those words, the two men parted, Obbi having to let Banshee lean on his shoulder. "Oh, Emma." Achronos called. "I just noticed that you gave me the rocket launcher preloaded." He hefted the weapon on his shoulder. "I think I'd like to see how it works." Another explosion blasted behind them, knocking the Mods and Overlord off their feet. They all turned to see the "Welcome" thread up in flames. When Achronos turned back around, Obbi and Banshee had disappeared. "No!" He shouted. -------------------------- Halifax caught up with Obbi and Banshee a short ways away from the explosion and quickly got under Banshee's other arm so they could move faster. "Nice timing." Obbi said with a huff, "It was about to be raining Obbi back there." Banshee glanced up at him, his eyes still dim, but alert, "Obbi." Obbi glared at him, but just kept running. ------------------------ Colonel Corbec followed discreetly behind the three men. He touched his face gingerly, the searing pain from the burns still bothering him. "You'll pay for this Halifax." He muttered. ------------------------ Two men walked side by side down the road. One looked up when he saw smoke rising from a stickied thread. "You're gone for a few months and look what happens." The other nodded, "Seriously...I wonder what happened." They came closer and saw the Overlord along with several Mods, some of whom they didn't recognize, standing outside the burning thread. "I could be wrong," the first man said with a smile, "But usually you're supposed to put out fires like this, not just stare at them." Yoozel turned in surprise and a smile lit up his face, "MCs Brother! Un Gato! You're back." Un Gato smiled, "For a little while." He glanced up at the thread, "What happened?" Yoozel's face turned grim, "A girl named Emma and Halifax...they've been wreaking havoc on the Flood." "Halifax?" MCs Brother asked with surprise. "He doesn't seem like the type." Yoozel grunted, "A lot of things have changed since you've been gone." Un Gato nodded, "Apparently. Anything we can do to help?" Yoozel looked at them closely, "Kill Halifax." Un Gato stared at him for a moment and then asked sarcastically, "Is that all? Would you like me to pick you up an ice cream cone while I'm out? You seem a little tense." "I'm serious." Yoozel said firmly. "There willl be no peace so long as he lives." Un Gato shook his head, "We're not doing your dirty work for you. Especially not when it deals with Halifax." Yoozel glared at him, "Then get out of my sight." The two men left quickly, walking through several alleys. When they saw three men hobbling down the road, followed by another character who was a short distance behind, it only took them a few seconds to decide to follow after them. ----------------------------- Caspian's eyes brightened when he saw the door open and Halifax and Obbi stepped through, pulling Banshee behind them. "When I saw the fire, I thought..." He shook his head, "Well, you're here, and as agreed, I'll give you Dragon." Halifax nodded and said slowly, "I need you and Banshee to know something...I don't agree with your methods, but I know that if we want change, people will have to die." He paused and then said, "I'm not going to try and stop what you do, but if you try and stop me again, I'll kill you." Banshee nodded and said weakly, "Likewise." "Or, I could just save you all the trouble and kill Halifax right now." Halifax froze when he felt the gun pressed gainst his head. "Corbec." "And Pyrojoe." Another man piped in and held his gun against Obbi's neck. Caspian shrugged, "So kill them. And then we'll kill you." Corbec shook his head, "I don't think so. You see, I've been in contact with one of the few active groups left. They don't call them the Bungie Jumpers for nothing." Suddenly, a loud blast sounded through the air and several members launched over the side of the wall, propelled by jet packs. They landed directly behind Banshee and Caspian and leveled their guns while one quickly grabbed Dragon Eyes who was laying in between them. Halifax let out a low sigh, "I hate that group." He glanced back at Corbec, "What do you want?" "What I've always wanted." Corbec said, "The Flood, the stories, the power. And it will all be mine when you're dead." Halifax shook his head and said with a shrug, "Then kill me. Let the rest of them go. I've lost too many friends already." Corbec laughed, "It's not that easy. You can cut off the head of a cockroach and it will still just keep on running around, causing trouble. You have to crush it, make sure there's nothing left to disturb the peace." Halifax laughed, "Vivid imagery." "Fitting too." Corbec replied. "As is your death." A loud screech suddenly blared all around them. Corbec instinctively put his hands over his ears and Halifax took the chance to spin around and wrap his arm around Corbec's throat, while pulling a gun out and pressing it against the man's head. "Now it's my turn." He said so only Corbec could hear. "Bungie Jumpers!" He shouted. "I don't know what's in ths for you, but with Corbec dead, you won't get anything!" He glanced at Pyrojoe, "Put your gun down or I'll put Corbec down." When Pyrojoe complied, Obbi quickly grabbed the gun and turned it on Pyrojoe. "Good." Halifax said. "Now release Dragon and we'll be on our way." Banshee and Caspian looked at him in surprise. Halifax gave them an apologetic look, "Sorry, but it's safer this way. I can't trust you to keep Emma's real name a secret. You understand right? I mean, you were willing to let Kritz die just to keep a secret." Banshee glared at him and said softly, "I'll kill you." "Not if they kill you first." Halifax responded coldly. He shoved Corbec forward and helped Dragon through the stairwell door, along with Obbi. ------------ Un Gato and MCs Brother watched as Halifax, Dragon and Obbi rushed out of the building and then glanced at each other, "Where's Banshee?" They quickly rushed up the stairs to the roof. Banshee and Caspian were sitting side by side, no one else was in sight. Banshee looked up when they approached and said quietly, "Help me."
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