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5/13/2004 9:50:44 PM

Xbox Live, the SC, and the community in general

I just got to thinking about this. How do y’all think Xbox Live will affect the community, or even the SC? Do you think that Live will be beneficial overall, bringing the community closer together, perhaps even with entire chapters springing up devoted solely to playing Live? Or do you think that the Live servers will dissolve into a madhouse, with “Team Killing -blam!-tards” running rampant (as I’ve herd happens allot in Halo PC/Mac.) Personally, if and when I get an Xbox (and halo 2) I don’t really what to be screamed and cussed at by some l33t h4lo Sniip3r all day. If I was to play live, I’d want it to be with only a select group of people mature enough not be constantly ruining other people’s game experience. So, what do you think are the Pros and Cons of a community playing Live vs. a community separated, yet collectively playing together sitting on the coutch, or set up in the basement? And how do you think Live will change things around here? Share your thoughts.

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