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6/19/2007 6:56:28 PM

Seven Chapter 12

The group sat quietly in the helicopter for awhile, watching the Flood below. Halifax glanced over at Obbi, "So this is it? You're done?" Obbi looked at him in surprise, "What do you mean?" "You said if they found out who you are, you'd leave." Obbi smiled and looked back out at the Flood, "I did. But I didn't know how bad it was." Halifax smiled and said sarcastically, "See, you really do have a heart." Obbi shook his head with a laugh, "No. I just really want to take Achronos down." Dragon Eyes pointed to a road on the edge of the Flood. "You can put us down right there." Before Texas Ben could respond, an explosion knocked Dragon off her feet and suddenly the helicopter was spinning out of control. Halifax held on to the side of the chopper and looked out to see that the entire tail end had been blown off. He planted his feet on either side of the door and reached behind him. "Dragon!" He shouted, "Grab my hand!" He felt her hand in his and quickly pulled her forward, straining against the spin of the helicopter. Finally, he shouted to the others, "We need to jump!" Without another word, he pushed Dragon out the door and jumped out after her. The two of them hit the roof of a building and Halifax dropped into a roll to absorb the shock. He quickly looked back up just in time to see the chopper crash into the side of the adjacent building. There was a loud crunch, and then the chopper burst into flames. Halifax stared at the burning wreckage as the fire slowly spread through the building. He quickly ran to the edge of the roof and looked down. He couldn't see anything through the smoke. "Halifax!" Dragon shouted from behind. Halifax turned and rushed back to her side, "Are you alright?" He asked. She nodded and tried to stand, but cried in pain and fell back down. "I think my leg is broken." Halifax grimaced when he looked at her leg. It twisted at an odd angle and he knew she wouldn't be walking far with it like that. "I don't have anything to set it with." He muttered, "And I can't move you." Dragon nodded, "I can wait." She pulled her gun out of its holster, "And if anyone comes up that I don't recognize, I think I can take care of myself." Halifax nodded and gave her a comforting pat on the shoulder, "I'll come back as soon as I can." Dragon smiled, "I know." ------------------------ Corbec smiled as he watched the helicopter go up in flames. "The Mods will reward us for this." "Yes we will." Said a voice from behind. Corbec turned to see Yoozel standing there, a grim look on his face. "We did this for you." Yoozel nodded, "I know. Now head to the wreckage and make sure they are all dead." -------------------------- Halifax rushed into the alley directly beneath the burning building. "Impurity!" He shouted. "Ob--" A hand clamped over his mouth and Obbi whispered in his ear, "Don't yell out my name you fool." Halifax nodded and when Obbi released him he quickly said, "Sorry. Where's Impurity?" Obbi shrugged, "I don't know. He and I both jumped, but I don't know where he landed." Halifax nodded, "Alright. We need to look for him. Dragon is up on the roof, but she has a broken leg. Do you have anything we can use for splints?" Obbi shook his head, "You need to find something while I look for Impurity." Halifax nodded again, "Right." As they were about to separate, a car came screeching up alongside the alley. Corbec stepped out of the car along with several other men. Halifax turned to see the other end blocked by another car. Yoozel stepped out of this car along with Pyrojoe. "We're trapped." Halifax whispered. "No kidding." Obbi replied sarcastically. "Well," Yoozel said with a smile, "Emma and Halifax, working together." Halifax glared at Yoozel, "For so long, I thought that you were on our side. That you didn't really believe all the crap the Overlord's been feeding us." "I don't." Yoozel said with a shrug. "But what difference does it make? If I fight, I die and lose all my power. Just like Kritz died." Halifax clenched his fists in rage but held himself in check, "So what now?" He asked. "Now? Well, I'm just going to kill you. And then I'll kill your friend Banshee." They heard another loud explosion and suddenly, Yoozel had a phone to his ear. "No." He said quietly. "It's not possible." Pyrojoe looked at Yoozel with concern, "What's going on?" Yoozel glared at Halifax, "Banshee is leading an assault on the 'Welcome' thread. They need me there." He leveled his gun, "So it looks like we'll have to cut this meeting short." Another gun was suddenly pressed against Yoozel's head and Impurity stepped into view, "Yes, we will." Yoozel looked at Impurity and smiled, "I was wondering when you would show up." Impurity glared at him, "You took everything away from me. Now I'm gonna do the same, only I won't make the mistake of letting you live." Halifax winced when he heard the gun shot, but his eyes widened when he saw Impurity, not Yoozel, drop to the ground. Pyrojoe stood silently, his gun still pointed at Impurity's chest. Yoozel looked at Impurity with disdain, "Pitiful." When he looked back up, Halifax and Obbi were gone. His eyes widened and he looked down the alley to see that Corbec and his men rushing forward. "What happened?" "Halifax and Emma ran into that building!" Corbec shouted, pointing at the burning building. Yoozel grimaced, "Catch them, and tell me when they're dead!" With one last disdainful look at Impurity, he turned to his car and drove as fast as he could to the "Welcome" thread. ------------------------------ Halifax and Obbi rushed up the stairs of the building, not knowing what they were going to do. One of the doors crumbled as they rushed past, flames covering the opening. "Do you have a gun?" Halifax shouted. "No." Obbi replied. "Dainty Emma would never carry a gun." Halifax groaned, "Great. I dropped mine when I jumped out of the chopper." They reached the roof and Obbi asked, "So what now?" Halifax looked at him and and then at the door. "We've been running long enough." Obbi stared at him for a moment and then a smile spread across his face. "I've been waiting for you to say that." ----------------------- Corbec led his men up the stairs, covering his head to ward off the flames. When they reached the door to the roof, he quickly kicked it open and burst out into the dim moonlight. He looked around and, seeing nothing, motioned his men forward. He looked back and motioned for two men to check behind the stairwell door. Corbec turned back around and checked over the side of the roof. "This place is going to cave in any second." One of his men said. "We don't leave until we find them." Corbec replied firmly. Suddenly, they heard a loud crack and the three that were left turned to see the two men Corbec had sent fall to the ground, their necks broken. Corbec stared at the bodies for a moment and then shouted, "Kill them!" ------------------------ Halifax held the gun he had stolen and sat behind the door, alongside Obbi. "There's only three of them." He muttered. "And I'm done playing nice." He turned around the corner and quickly fired, sending the men ducking for cover. As they did, Obbi and Halifax jumped out of cover and ran forward, firing bullet after bullet to keep them pinned down. Halifax jumped over an air conditioning system and landed just behind the man who had been hiding behind it. The man turned just in time to recieve a kick in the face and then a shot in the chest. Halifax quickly ducked down as the other man fired at him. Obbi saw the man and quickly rolled across the ground, pointed his gun, and fired, hitting the man in the side. He turned when he heard Corbec shout in rage. Corbec had jumped over the ventilation system he had been hiding behind and landed right in front of Obbi. He swung his fist in rage, knocking Obbi to the ground. With another howl of rage, Corbec swung his leg through the air and slammed it down. Obbi had his hands up, however, and with incredible strength, stopped the kick and pushed Corbec back. Obbi heard another shot and turned to see Halifax standing over the dead man's body, a bloody trickle running from the man's forehead. When Obbi turned back to Corbec, the man was already running. Obbi leveled his gun and fired, hitting Corbec in the leg just as he was about to jump. Corbec dropped and rolled directly into the burning hole that had been created by the helicopter. Halifax walked over and put a hand on Obbi's shoulder, "Come on. We need to get Dragon and get out of here." "What about Banshee?" Obbi asked. "When Dragon's safe, we'll go see what's happening at the 'Welcome' thread." ------------------------- Banshee stared at the Overlord defiantly. "Do what you want with me." Achronos smiled, "I will. And you won't like it, I assure you." He peered closely at Banshee, "You and Caspian did this? Killed three Mods?" Yoozel stepped into the building and glared at Banshee. "You." He muttered. Achronos glanced at Yoozel, "This isn't your first encounter." Yoozel shook his head, "No. Kill him now, he deserves nothing less." Achronos stroked his chin and asked, "What of Halifax?" "He and Emma escaped, but I sent Corbec after them." Yoozel replied. "Impurity's dead." Achronos nodded, "I see. Well, I'm not going to kill these two. I believe there is more information to be gained in keeping them alive...for now at least." ---------------------- [Edited on 06.22.2007 1:38 PM PDT]
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