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4/14/2004 11:56:01 PM

All problems addressed, please read, Bungie.

First of all I’d like to say that I love the new Forums, but I think they have some major problems. It looks clean, but isn’t very functional. I want to fix that. I hope this helps Bungie out, at least a little bit. Here’s a list of all of the relatively major problems I’ve seen so far. I have left NOTHING out. Be prepared to read for a while, my friends… 1.)There needs to be the option to minimize the Search Bar in the bottom right hand of the screen. It is very cool, I admit, but at times I would like to minimize it further. It already minimizes about half of its entire size, but the “circle” with the septagon symbol, and the small “bar” that remains from the enlarged tool bar I’d like to see minimized also. [IDEA]They could minimize into a tiny button in the bottom right hand of the screen for further use. Maybe into the webmaster icon that you use in the Bungie.Net logo. That would be cool. ;-)[/IDEA] 2.)The Underground needs to have a longer topic list before the topic is pushed to page two. I personally would like to see it three times as long as it currently is. It would hopefully accommodate for the flood of users that will pour in when Halo 2 is released, and it would also give the forum longer “memory”. Believe me, once a topic is on page two, it is forgotten by the majority of the forum users. Without being remembered, “new” forum topic-makers get discouraged that they are not being heard, and leave. Also, without any memory, no one is remembered, and thus you have regulars- but no one knows who he or she is. Without regulars, newbies do not have three things. 1. No one to look up to. And thus act the same as they did when they first came to the forum. They don’t ever learn what’s right and wrong, and don't know not to ask the same questions all of the time. 2. No entertainment! ;-) Regulars keep the forum fresh and funny (at least I tend to think so. ;-)). Without entertainment newbies may be inclined to leave. 3. No one to try to act like. Once a regular sets an example of how to act the right way, they follow- and eventually become regulars themselves. 3.)Post counters enforce mass-posting by newbies in their desire become regulars. If you have post-hoarding newbies being considered regulars by everyone else, then you have a trend cascade. EVERYONE wants to post all of the damn time. That would ruin The Underground; it would be almost impossible to fix the problem without major booting. I don’t want that to happen. 4.)This is a problem that I doubt will be fixed, but oh-well. I want you to hear it. The instant posting will make frequent AIM users feel inclined to turn the Underground into a massive chat room. This also may be the result of someone who wants a lot more posts, to be considered a regular. (See #3) 5.) The Bungie logo in the top left needs to be either permanently "stuck" at the top of the screen, or have the ability to minimize. It gets in the way of forum topics at times, and is [i] extremely[/i] irritating. It really serves no purpose but to direct you to the main page, which can be done much easer by just putting it at the top of every page. No, “follow action” needed. 6.) Chronological order at the forums are needed. As it is right now you can’t keep track of the topics that you recently posted in. Quite frankly- it’s chaos. This is (in my mind) one of the biggest problems faced by the forums. I thank you for your time, you guys. My hope is that these ideas will make the new forums a more respected place in the Halo community. It is not only my hope, it is my goal. The old Underground was looked down upon last time. This time, I want to change that. See you around, -Banshee Barron. [Edited on 4/14/2004 3:57:47 PM]

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