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10/28/2008 7:23:47 PM
[quote]A Must Have Collection Of Firefox and Desktop Tools For[/quote] [quote]New Version - [url=]Bungie Essentials Pack # 3 - Download The Zip Now![/url] - [[url=]Mirror 1[/url]] - [[url=]Mirror 2[/url]][/quote] [quote]New - [url=] Pack # 3 - Self Extracting Executable File[/url] - [[url=]Mirror 1[/url]][/quote] [quote]Old Version - [url=]Bungie Essentials Pack # 2[/url][/quote] [quote]Oldest Version - Bungie Essentials Pack # 1 - Lost in time[/quote] [quote][u][b]Due to unforeseen circumstances, the following items will NOT be available in Pack 3[/b][/u] [b]PM Duardo (Script and Extension)[/b] It was fun while it lasted and Duardo was a great sport about it. lets let this one rest. [b]Campaign Stats (Script)[/b] Due to site layout changes and updates, this script no longer works. Thanks for the fun while it lasted Paulmarv! [b]Screenshot Viewers Versions 1.5.1 & 1.5.2 (Script and Extension)[/b] Due to site layout changes and updates, these applications no longer work correctly.[/quote] [quote][b][u][i]Individual Downloads and Threads and Upcoming Entries into the pack![/b][/u][/i] [quote][u][b]Scripts:[/u][/b] [url=]Account Age - Speedysurfer2205 - Shows User's account age on profile.[/url] [url=]Average Post Count - CAVX - Shows approximate post count of user on profile page.[/url] [url=]Bungie BBCode - Sprool - Displays image links as images, youtube links as video and allows for colorful text.[/url] Bungie BBCode Posting Tools - 647 - Adds quick text color dropdown on posting pages. [url=]Bungie Who's Online - Sprool - Shows who is online and adds a quick chat/posting board feature.[/url] [url=]Contacts Manager - Paulmarv - Quick links to your friends or favorite users from your message center.[/url] [url=]Coup'd Bungie - CAVX - Allows users you have custom text,avatars and titles.[/url] [url=]Custom Group Theme - CAVX - Allows you to have a custom group theme.[/url] [url=]Download Screenshots to Xbox 360 - Skittles x - Allows you to download screenshots from to your Xbox 360.[/url] [url=]Mod & User Stalker - CAVX - allows you to see when a certain mod or user last posted.[/url] [url=]Multiquote - Speedysurfer2205 - Allows you to quote multiple posts and insert them all into your reply post at one time.[/url] [url=]Posting Tools - Speedysurfer2205 - adds buttons to Post pages and PM Post Pages that when clicked, adds formatting tags.[/url] [url=]Quick Links 1 & 2 - K1RK H4MM3T - Adds quick links to pages.[/url] [url=]Save Thread For Groups - Speedysurfer2205 - Allows you to save threads in groups.[/url] [url=]Sticky Alert - littlerat - Adds color indicator to sticky'd threads when new posts are made.[/url][/quote] [quote][b][u]Themes:[/u][/b] [url=]Bungie Theme - CAVX - Custom theme for firefox with a bungie twist[/url] Theme Builder - Firebird347 - Custom theme builder for firefox[/quote] [quote][b][u]Extensions:[/u][/b] [url=]Bungie Anywhere Ver 3.1.1 - 647 - Adds menu to firefox with Bungie quick links[/url] Bungie RSS News Reader - 647 - Adds an RSS news reader to firefox showing the latest bungie news Bungie Talk Spot - 647 - Adds a page by page or site wide chat board to [url=]XBL Friends List Ver 1.1 - 647 - Shows Xbox live friends online in collapsible sidebar[/url] [i]Special Extension - Download to find out![/i] - 647 - Special Treat for all you retro bungie gamers![/quote] [quote][b][u]Desktop Applications:[/u][/b] Webcam Checker - Paulmarv - Allows you to view and save images from the webcams [url=]Remote Webcam Watcher - 646 & 647 - Allows you to view and save images from the webcams[/url][/quote][/quote] [quote][b][u]Install Instructions[/u][/b] 1. Download .Zip file 2. Extract .Zip file onto your computer 3. Open location of extracted files 4. Open either "Themes" folder "Extensions" Folder or "Scripts" Folder 5. Take the .js, .xpi or .jar file and Drag and drop ...See below Theme files: Drag and drop the .JAR file into the Themes tab in the addons window (for best results). Extensions: Drag and drop the .XPI file into the addons window under the extension tab (for best results). Scripts: Drag and drop the .JS file into the firefox window, make sure you have greasemonkey installed and running. Desktop apps: Run the Setup files and follow the instructions [url=]Theme Install[/url] [url=]Extension Install[/url] [url=]Script Install[/url][/quote] [quote][/quote] Will this be pinned? [Edited on 05.14.2009 9:19 AM PDT by Duardo]

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