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5/10/2007 3:50:05 AM

Seven: Chapter 6

Banshee Barron watched as Halifax climbed along the edge of the cliff the Mod's group was sitting on. "What is he doing up there?" He turned to see Pistol readying his sniper rifle. "Are you ready?" Pistol smiled and snapped his gun up, "They don't call me Pistol Snipe for nothing." "Good. Get into position." --------------------- Halifax circled around the house, watching as Pezza stood near the edge of the cliff looking over the Flood. He approached the Mod from behind, and said quietly, "It seems so beautiful from this view, doesn't it?" Pezza nodded, seeming unsurprised by Halifax's approach, "But when you get close..." "It becomes real." Halifax finished. "You can't perfect the Flood without destroying it." Pezza turned slowly, "But we can at least try." Halifax raised his pistol and pointed it at Pezza's head, "Not while I'm here." ------------------- "Stop it!" Dragon screamed as Yoozel ran the branding iron across Kritz's back. "Then tell me. Who else is in the group?" "I respected you!" Dragon sobbed. "I trusted you." "And I trusted you." Yoozel responded. "Looks like we were both disappointed." He raised the branding iron again. "Stop...I'll tell you." "No!" Kritz shouted, still grimacing from the pain. "It's not worth it." Dragon shook her head, "They don't care about us Kritz...that's why you came alone. I'm not going to let you die for a lost cause." Suddenly, the door slammed open. Pezza walked in, back straight, and Halifax appeared behind him, the gun still pointed at the Mod's head. "It's only a lost cause when you stop fighting for it." Halifax said with a smile. He glanced at Yoozel, "Let them go." Yoozel glared at him, "Kill him. We have three members of your group here...that's worth one Mod's life." Halifax laughed, "Please, he's just a buffer zone between me and you. What I have in my other hand is what you should be worried about." He raised his hand to reveal a small device with a red button on top. "What is that?" Yoozel asked, showing concern for the first time. "You were my friend Yoozel." Halifax said grimly, "But unless you let them go, I'll blow this building apart." Yoozel laughed, "And what's to stop you from blowing us up after you leave?" "I'll give you the remote control. I promise I don't have another one." He smiled mischeivously, "You can test it if you want." Yoozel frowned, "You don't leave me with many options." "You only have two choices Yoozel, and one of those choices will have us all leaving here alive." A blast was heard thundering down the hall and everyone looked up in surprise. "Halifax!" Yoozel shouted. "That wasn't me!" Halifax cried. Goweb pushedthe door open and peeked out. He quickly pulled his head back as a shot rang out, clibbing the door as he shut it. "There's a sniper out there!" He shouted. Yoozel growled in frustration, "Kill these three, then go after the attackers!" Halifax frowned and said, "Big mistake." He suddenly pulled his gun up and shot at Yoozel. The Mod cried in pain as the bullet struck him in the shoulder. Halifax pulled Pezza close and began firing at the other Mods. Goweb dropped to the ground, groaning as a bullet struck his knee and then another one blasted through his hand. Halifax pointed his gun at Nos who was still struggling to pull his gun free, "Cut them loose. Now!" Nos glared at him but complied, cutting her bonds and then moving to Kritz. Kritz helped Dragon to her feet and the two walked slowly to the door. Halifax pushed the door open and shouted, "It's us! We're--" He was cut off as another shot rang out. Halifax pulled his head back and looked at the others with concern, "It must not be them." He reached down and unhooked a grenade from Goweb's belt. He unpinned the grenade and opened the door wide enough for him to toss it down. "Kill them!" Yoozel shouted, raising his gun. Halifax heard the explosion go off and quickly rushed out the door, pulling Dragon and Kritz behind him. A bullet grazed his cheek as he shut the door, leaving a long bloody cut across his face. "This way!" Halifax yelled to the others. He rounded the corner where the attacker had been and slowed when he saw Pistol lying there, the sniper at his side. "No." Halifax whispered. "Halifax," Dragon shouted, "The Mods are coming!" Halifax nodded and quickly pressed the button on his remote. "No!" Kritz shouted. "Don't worry," Halifax said as they ran up the stairs, "We have 15 seconds to get out." They quickly ran across the main hall and out the front door just as the blast went off. -------------------- Banshee gasped, along with Fastmatt and Caspian as the entire cliff exploded. The group, HFCS, or what was left of it, careened over the edge, falling to the rocky ground below, just outside of the Flood. "What just happened?" Fastmatt asked. "Halifax just made a fool out of all of us." "Pistol?" Banshee just shook his head and walked away. ------------------- Halifax pushed Kritz and Dragon forward as the blast went off. He lost his footing as the ground gave way and scrambled to get on to sure ground. Every rock he grabbed onto fell away. Halifax hadn't expected the C4 he'd planted on the cliffside to do that much damage. Behind him, the Mods were scrambling up as well. He felt someone grab his leg and instinctively kicked his free foot out, hitting the Mod in the face and freeing his leg. Suddenly, they were all falling. Halifax felt the last bit of ground give way beneath him and he dropped back. A hand reached out and grabbed his and Halifax found himself hanging on the edge of what was left of the cliff. He looked up to see Dragon, quickly joined by Kritz as they pulled him oer the edge, both of them wincing from the pain of the injuries they received at the hands of the Mods. "Thanks." Halifax said breathlessly. "Thank [i]you[/i]." Dragon replied with a smile. Her smile faded quickly as she looked back at the remains of the cliff, "I was about to tell them all of our secrets." "I almost wish you had." Halifax said quietly. Dragon looked at him with a questioning glance, "What are you talking about?" She asked. Halifax sighed, "Pistol knows my voice. I told him it was us...but he still shot at me." Dragon frowned as the realization dawned on her. "You mean..." "Banshee wants us dead." Kritz finished. "He doesn't trust us anymore." Halifax nodded, "He told us not to trust anyone...I just didn't think he'd be the one to betray us." "What now?" Dragon asked. Halifax shrugged, "I don't know..." "Membership Denied is back up." Kritz said hopefully. Halifax shook his head, "I got this recording from Pezza before I came into the group." He held up the recording and pushed play. Achronos' voice was heard audibly over the other grumbling voices, "Don't worry about an uprising. I can easily see anything that goes on in these groups. Privacy is an allusion." Halifax clicked the recording off. "Straight from the Overlord's mouth." He sighed, "Not even the groups are safe." "So...what do we do?" Dragon asked. "Everyone will be looking for us." Halifax shrugged, "We could leave." Kritz laughed, "Leave? Good luck. There's nothing out there to go to. All we have are hte Forums." Halifax shook his head, "Obbi did it." "He comes back every once in one leaves unless they're blacklisted....and we know what blacklisted really means." Of course they knew. Everyone knew that when someone was blacklisted they were really just killed. But no one complained. No one ever complains. "We need to stop Achronos." Halifax said finally. "Then let's get back to Banshee." Kritz said fervently. Halifax shook his head, "No. I can't trust him anymore." He looked at the two and sighed, "But that's just me. Who knows, you might have better luck with him...but remember, the Mods know who you are now and Banshee knows that. He won't take any risks with you." They both nodded. "You're right." "So how can we stop Achronos?" "We have to find someone who has defied him and lived." "Who's that?" "Obbi." ----------------------------- Pezza was hanging along the cliff wall, along with Yoozel, who was hanging by one arm. He had to hand it to the man, he could take a beating. A helicopter flew in a minute later, piloted by Texas Ben, and picked them up. "How did you know we were here?" Pezza asked when they were safe on board. Texas Ben laughed, "How couldn't I know. The entire Forum saw what happened. Who did that?" Yoozel tried to speak but Pezza cut him off. "Terrorists. That's all you need to know." Texas Ben shrugged, "Whatever. I'll get you guys to the hospital...are all the Mods dead?" Pezza shook his head, "The only ones with us were Goweb and Nosferatu." "Ya...but Anton and Evilcam were killed a few days ago." Ben looked back at them grimly, "It doesn't look like you guys are as durable as we thought."
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